Basis 2500 vs Debut vs 2800

Getting back into analog and was hoping someone had already investigated these models. Is there a significant difference between the 2500 and the Debut, and would I be better off going with the vacuum hold-down of the 2800 instead of the Debut? Any experienced Basis followers out there? Thanks.
Brulee- As Tony Soprano would say, "What are ya gonna do?" Don't take it personally. Well, ....
Since no one else is responding, I can chime in, but only by analogy. I have heard both the Basis Debut (a while back; not the Mk 5) and 2500, and own an Ovation. In my view, the Debut and the Ovation both have overall better isolation systems than the 2500, although the 2500's is also excellent (the others are overbuilt in comparison). If isolation from vibration is on the top of your priorities, I'd lean towards the Debut. The Debut seems to have a "bigger", more spacious sound than the Ovation, and I thought the 2500 was similar to my Ovation sonically, so that may be an important factor for you. However, the Ovation and the 2500 have smaller plinths than the Debut. On the older Debut, that translated into what I think was more stored energy and the Ovation actually having better dynamic punch than the Debut--that trait is certainly evident to my ears on the 2500 as well, although I don't know if the newer Debut has addressed this area. Finally, if you have a number of warped records, the vacuum of the 2800 is a decided advantage. I have resisted going for the Debut for years, the main advantage to it over the Ovation in my set-up being a vacuum hold-down system, and that being too expensive for the improvement. The 2800 has been a closer call, but with a vacuum upgrade available for my Ovation, I'm standing pat for now. Besides, I think it's the best looking of all the Basis tables, although that is strictly my taste. Quite frankly, you won't go wrong with either choice, they are all superb tables. Hope this gives you some help.
I have a 2500 and my friend WD has a 2800V. It's a toss up and trade offs on sonic signatures. I think his has better bass control, but sounds slightly harder than my 2500. It seems that the 2500 is a great value musical price point. Debut costs much more and "may" sound better.