Battery Powered Turntables?

I'm looking to take my system "off the grid" and while I see options out there for battery powered phono stages (like Sutherland), I don't seem to see much in the way of battery powered turntables. What are my options?

I'm more or less a newbie to analog (been away from Vinyl for 20 years) so I'm a little dizzy trying to figure everything out. I'd like to be in the $1,500 range for table/arm/cartridge if possible - definitely under $2,500. A well paired stage recommendation would be appreciated too if you have one in mind.
We use an RV battery like Bradearles described with our Teres, and with its DC motor no conversion is required. As Selfdivider said, Teres belt drive models all run on battery, as do Galibiers and Redpoints. But they're all way beyond Shazam's budget.

The entry level Amazon was a good suggestion, check with Mehran at Sorasound (advertises here). Look into Scheu tables as well.
I own a Scheu Analog Premier MkII with the battery power option. It will be over your budget but the Scheu Cello should be fine. It was the table I considered prior to getting a deal on a used Premier. Tom Hills at Hudson Audio is the importer and can help you with arm/cartridge combinations for Scheu tables.
Thanks for the suggestions everyone. The Amazon and Scheu look promising - I'll research those some more.

Thanks again.
Just to be devil's advocate here - and maybe save you some time, money and grief -

No part of ANY turntable's signal path is on the grid. The current is generated purely by the movement of the magnets and coils versus one another. So all you would be doing is using a battery to spin your platter - the speed of which is already electronically regulated very accurately.

Now, I'm not going to get into a big Audiogon argument about the nature of momentum, speed regulation, and platter mass - many audiophiles have vivid imaginations, but IMO there is absolutely no way that powering properly designed belt drive TT (which will have a heavy platter and isolated motor) by battery can possibly have any discernible effect.