Beatles Gold CD's

Someone is selling a bunch of Beatles Gold CD's on ebay. There are both UK and US versions, mono and stereo. The US versions are supposed to be on the Capitol label, and I'm assuming that the UK versions are the UK released label. Were the Beatles CD's released as such, or should I beware?
I can tell you from my experience that MFSL did not release any Beatles CDs, they're all fakes. I don't know for sure if Capitol or Apple did any special remastered CDs, but I doubt it.
Why bother with any of the cd's?! The lp's aren't very hard to "track" down, if you know where to look...
There are Japanese releases of the Mofi Original Master Recordings. Done for the U.S. release of the analog Beatles Collection. They were never authorized for the U.S. CD release. They are not Gold. They sound great.
Hi Acuujim...I'm not positive, but I don't think that's accurate. I'm pretty sure that all so-called MFSL Beatles CDs are bootlegs. Some are more professionally done than others, but all are bootlegs of one sort or another. I think the same goes for Beatles Mono CDs.
MFSL never released any Beatles music on CD, anywhere. I own both the "Italian" and "Japanese" versions, and I can assure you that they are not a genuine MOFI product. The Japanese fakes are beter than the Italian ones though. Don't be fooled!