Beginner: Best all-in-one including speaker unit?

I've been analog forever and had more than a few digital false starts in my main system.  I know I'd be playing music more often and am also missing new music discovery without streaming or internet radio.  This time I just want a stand-alone unit including speaker to put in our living room instead of my music den.

What are some of the better options?  Sonos, Bluesound, Naim etc.?  Is it better to pick one with a streaming service embedded in the player vs. utilizing a computer interface?  And given this type of player, will you hear a difference opting for Tidal/Quobuz/Amazon premium, or do these all-in-one units not really benefit from the higher bit rates?  Budget is flexible although I'd imagine ROI is limited with these and I don't want to spend more than needed for good sound and ease of use.

Sorry in advance if I've not made myself clear or used the wrong terms.  I'm a content dinosaur and avoided trying to understand digital other than enjoying CD's in my car.  Any insight or product recommendations is much appreciated.  Thank you!
I was very impressed by Beogram A9 stand alone bluetooth amplified speaker. You can have them pair or single speaker that will play both channels.

That looks like it would sound pretty good.  Don't have the space or an open-minded wife for that one though.  Tough to justify the price I would think but I'd like to hear it for sure.  Thanks for the suggestion
A pair of powered Bluetooth speakers. Some of them are pretty nice. Some have sub out, turntable jack,etc
I agree if this is just for casual listening and exploring new music that spending $$$ isn’t necessary, and Audio Engine makes some well-reviewed wireless speakers that offer good sound quality but are not overly pricey. I’d suggest two small speakers over a single unit as the stereo separation and imaging will obviously be much better. The A2+ is $269 and may be all you need, but if you need one unit for space, aesthetics, portability, etc. the B2 is also nice at $199. Just plug’em into a wall socket and choose them in the Bluetooth area of your phone or tablet and you’re off and running. Doesn’t get any simpler. For 10 bucks per month or so (if you don’t need hi-res) you’ll have a world of music at your fingertips. As a recent streaming convert myself I use Qobuz and have discovered more new music in such a short time that I don’t have enough time to play it all — a high-quality problem to be sure. If you want hi-res it gets a little more involved and you’ll need more $ and equipment — just depends how serious you want to get with this living room application. Best of luck.
Audio engine is pretty good for the money
If your budget expands to that, around 1k, have a look at the Kef Lsx, another league.
Best thing practically would be to use your smartphone / tablet as a remore for those using some of the streaming services you mention.

I persobally use Qobuz and I am overly happy with that. 
My suggestion is do not go for the hgher rates / higher subscription; you will not be able to hear any difference at this level and it is arguable whetener any meaningful difference can be heard also higher on the hifi end ladder
Just my 2 c, enjoy !
Awesome options thanks nonoise and marklings!!  I now have some solid direction and options to choose from.  Much appreciated to all.  That iFi unit is pretty unique and the Bloomberg review of it included three or four others similar in price worth exploring.  I'll likely start with an Audioengine and look towards an upgrade as I get a chance to use it and then hear some of the others.  Things sure move fast in digital 
I have edifier S2000 from Amazon. $400. They sound good and will play quite loud if you want.  I would say bass is 50-55 hz. There are all kinds of powered speakers once you start looking, you won’t believe it!
Vanatoo is worth looking into... I have both the Zeros on my desk and the One Encores in the upstairs family room.  Can use with TV toslink or Blue Tooth.  Built in DAC if you have another source.  Really reasonable price with even better sound.
++ Vanatoo. They sound much bigger and better than their size and price suggests.