Behringer Ultracurve Pro DEQ2496

I am curious about this Behringer ultracurve, a bit intimidated by the user manual tough, and a bit interrogatively careful about the new noise that this new gear will introduce in the noise floor, but perhaps the pay-off would be the fun to play... I would put it between my computer and my dac...I will certainly buy one someday...If someone has experience with this and a dac I will listen to him... My best to all...
I used a DEQ2496 for subwoofer duties for a long time, to very good effect. I'm not sure I would use it for main speakers. There are aftermarket modifications to improve the analog audio quality.

But depending on what you're trying to do, a miniDSP SHD Studio might be a much better choice.
I see thanks.... I think it will be like an help to streaming, but also to room correction... why dont you think not usable for speakers? 
I am using it right now as a dac for my pc & tv. This cheap thing is simply one of the best dacs out there. It sounds of full bodied music and not dryed out hifi like most testwinner dac`s do. The downside is it`s build-quality, the powersupply are known to suicide, most likely from heat so pay some for an extended guarantee. 

This unit adds no noise but the result out will depend on how many processes you decide to do or if you simply press "bypass". 

Only xlr out, if that`s a problem you can use these:
@mahgister sorry, I should have clarified I'm not sure I would use its analog I/O for main speakers. Your intent is to run everything in the digital domain, which should be fine for what you're trying to do.

I prefer the functionality of the SHD series models, and Dirac for high-quality room correction, versus the PEQ of the DEQ2496. The DEQ2496's routing functionality is better than the SHD, but I don't think that would be a factor if only using the digital I/O.
Hi...I noted your 4/16 10:36 am post @ ’Weakest Link’ forum. Piqued my curiosity, so I followed the magic links to your site and suite of equipment.....

Unconventional, Yes. Does it make you happy? Also, Yes. *S*

...and I’ll be the last to argue with you about it. ;)

But I did note this re Behringer eq’s, of which I own and apply 2 of the 8024 models. An earlier version which lacks some of the versatility of the 2496. And has proved (for me, anyhow) to be a sturdy workhorse.

One was bought new what seems eons ago for room correction and active eq. The 2nd bought used 2 years ago, mostly for active room monitoring with the calibration mic (bought with the first) and as an ’outlier’ eq. for my own deviant purposes. ;)

They can’t do both at the same time (monitor and active eq), but the 2nd was purchased for under 100$ including the shipping from TX>NC.

One 8024 would allow you to ’fool around’ and stay digital.  And don't forget to buy the mic and a XLR cable (their mic requires the phantom power; don't know if an alternative cal mic will work as well....  
In your environs, a more 'omni' mic may be of better use, but this is just a guess and mho...*shrug*g*

If you’re determined to try a 2496, shop around the pro audio sites...I bought my 1st 8024 from Sweetwater during a sales event.  Don't pay retail...and get free shipping! *L*

Either way, let me know how goes it, if you opt to ’go there’. *G*

Regards, Jerry
Yes, I'm running them in the analog domain....but they're so 'clean' that I don't notice their existence....

...but some likely consider me tone-deaf anyway....for which I've got some novel Italian hand gestures for....;)

Play on....