Benz Micro Glider Stylus protection

Yeah, I know, there ain’t any.

I LOVE this cartridge,especially mounted on an SME Series V tonearm I picked up yesterday.

Clean, clear, warm, very good bass reproduction not lacking in midrange/highs either…


that exposed cantilever has had my pucker factor up for months, every time I play it.


So.  In this day and age of 3D printers in everyone’s garage and a chicken in every pot, is ANYONE making a stylus guard for this cartridge?



Thanks for the heads up on how this cartridge performs on the SME V arm. Will have to put it on the list. 

I have played Dire Straits "Calling Elvis," El Ten eleven "Fanshawe," Steven Wilson's "Lazarus," and "Drive" and Previn Plays Gerschwin, "Rhapsody in Blue".

Looking forward to it warming up, opening up, breaking in. 

I hear stuff now I didn't imagine was there. Fingers on fretboards and such. Very dynamic.


I LIKE bass, the overall "presense" this cartridge brings into the audio picture, but more than that I like realistic recreation, FEEL of the music.  Next up is some RAMMSTEIN!


I'd posted elsewhere some months back asking about a couple other MC cartridges  and remembered I'd bought this just shortly before getting Covid19 in Dec 2019. Just about killed me.  Pneumonia, heart rhythm issues that have mostly resolved themselves (wife spent two nights in hospital), we lost Christmas that year. It was almost a year later I discovered a T-shirt my son had made for me (with my service dog's picture on it), some LP's my wife got me.

Then this. I found this wooden box wrapped in Benz Micro stamped paper and thought "when did I get THIS?"  Meanwhile I'd bought an Ortofon Cadenza Black I have tried on the older SME 3009 tonearm, am looking forward to it when I get set up on the Series V in our new home sometime in the Spring.

I LIKED the Cadenza, but I think it was pushing the mechanics of the 3009 to get the best out of it.


Meanwhile, I hate to have to take the time to cobble together a protector. I could do it, but I figure with the number of them on the planet someone may have beaten me to it.

I had one for years. Your fear is all in your head.

If you do get or make one however, two points to keep in mind. First, if your guard requires mounting and removal, or even flipping up and down, this alone puts your fingers far closer to damage than anything else. Every time you move it is one more time you could spaz out, hit and break it. So you've increased not decreased your risk.

And second, the whole point of the design, why you like the sound so much, is the cartridge body being so small minimizes resonance. That nude cantilever is where your presence, realism and feel is coming from. Nothing you stick on there can do anything but mess that up. And again, in the process, increase not decrease risk of damage.

A stylus guard on a cartridge built like the Glider (and there are many others like it) is more of a danger than a safety benefit.  Installing and removing the stylus guard is perhaps the most dangerous act involved in using a cartridge.  In 45 years, I've only damaged one cartridge in handling, and that was because my fingernail caught on the cantilever when I was flipping the built in stylus guard out of the way. A detachable guard would be even more scary to put on and take off before playing LPs. IOW, I agree with Millercarbon.

I just put down the dust cover on my LP12. Wonderful protection for my Benz. 😂

Stylus Guards are a necessary evil, but detachable ones can be avoided.

If it is the most importance the Cartridge is protected and ultimately the Cantilever, a Simple Cover can be made that sits on the Plinth and covers over the end of the Wand, and Headshell.

It might not be an attractive device as a first design, but the security it offers to the Cartridge and fragile parts is the first consideration, ease of placing/removing is the second consideration, stability in use is the third consideration.

Once a device is in place and fit for purpose, a design and aesthetic can then be thought out for final version.

As already said, an Acrylic Lid for the TT, does alleviate 99% of the concerns that can develop.

The Link shows a device that can offer much of what is able to be achieved from a Acrylic Lid. These devices can be found in different colours and prices.




 I have a cover, it’s just a little nerve-racking handling the thing, especially with neuropathy (malaria meds 30 years ago). It’s not like a Colt 1911 sear I can drop and not worry about it bouncing off the bench onto the floor.


In my experience stylus guard protection can cause more problems, same as dusting off.

Nice to see you back @millercarbon.

@normb you managed to mount it without damage ( easier to do with an open body ) seems like you are in the clear :)

I work with an open body cart line and damages strictly pertaining to the open body design are rare ime. Fingers can get close to the guts when mounting which is why I mention the above.



Ah, I forget this hobby is rife with (some) jerks and losers… but thanks for the tip buddy.

I had a big plastic box built at Tap Plastics that I drop over my entire table. This has helped my dust associated neurosis as well as keeping my cart out of harms way. I can be as sloppy drunk as I'd like and not have to worry about it coming into contact with my cart!

Well I'm sorry you think I'm a jerk/loser. I have a Lyra Etna (expensive exposed cantilever) mounted on an SME tone arm and have never had a problem. The SME has an excellent cueing device that gently lowers the cantilever onto the record. I never try to do it by hand as I do not trust myself to do it. As well as others here, I see no need for a stylus guard but if that's what you feel you need, go for it. If you are already using your cueing device, I apologize for being obvious but sometimes the best solutions are the simplest ones.