Best Aesthetic Vintage Black Receiver or Tuner

Silly question:

If one wanted a really asthetically attractive receiver or tuner with a Black Face ie black metal or all black glass front, with great performance, what would one choose?

Will drive a pair of Jamo 700s and CAL Audio CL-10 CD player...

I love the look of the Pioneer Series 20 Tuner & the Sansui black look from back in the day, but will spend a lifetime trying to find something like that...
You should be able to find a Sansui here on Audiogon. They're not that rare.

Sansui recievers are almost always available on ebay but the usual warnings apply. Sansui produced a lot more integrateds and tuner combos or so it seems. You can get an excellent AU717 amp for less than $300. If you aren't to fussy they made some later digital tuners the T-60 and T-80 that sell for a lot lot less than the TU series of analog Tuners typically only about $40-60.
The best of the black face 70s vintage gear might be Nakamichi although the 600 series was slant shaped. An underappreciated company from that era IMO was Nikko which came in silver or black. You should keep in my mind the the black face also heralded the end of that particular quality era when Japanese manufacturers started to outsource to the rest of the Pacific rim. Thus, for instance, Pioneer collectors seek mainly the Silver period pieces.
BTW One big name that was almost always black is McIntosh but good examples one of their few recievers go for insanely big money. The only exception might be a 1500. Recently I have seen "mint"/excellent examples of the 4100 go for over $1200.
I had a Nakamichi 430 tuner,it was one of the best tuners I owned and also the best looking!
I still use the Nakamichi 630 Tuner-Pre-amp, Yogiboy, and I feel that it is the best looking tuner - I just love large tuning dials! The 630 and 430 are real sleeper tuners.
Salut, Bob P.
I agree Nakamichi was the coolest looking gear ever made.I have an Advent 300 receiver which has the same kind of dial but only 15 watts but real nice.It has pre outs so you can hook up a bigger power amp.
Follow Up Question: Any quality/repair warnings regarding receivers from Sansui? Their 70's / early 80's "look" seems most pleasing to me (plus the multiple colored lights are amusing and fun against the black)...Their tuners/amps in black are also attractive...Also, if I am running either Jamo E700s (little guys) or my bigger Rega R7 speakers with a California Audio CL-10 CD player, how much power do I need to seek in one of the vintage receivers?

Which retailers of vintage (Sansui) do you guys like? What boards (besides this one) should I follow? Thanks!

That's easy - a Yamaha T-2.

Far more beautiful than any of the candidates mentioned above, in my opinion.

Also, it is an excellent tuner.

Difficult to find in perfect shape, however, and the aluminum case is easily clouded or scuffed.

Good luck.
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Regarding audio receivers, I had a really cool black Sansui receiver with "tab" buttons having orange illuminated highlights, which I wish many times I still had. Sansui is not a bad option for nostalgia receiver.
Don't remember the model numbers, but Pioneer made silver faced units for sale in the USA while selling black faced ones overseas. (Vintage) Look fantastic! I'll see one on the bay every now and again, and they fetch big bucks.
Sansui AU-717 is about the best looking "plain black" integrated amp I've ever seen.
Kinda surprise McIntosh hasn't been mentioned here. My MR88 not only looks good, but is a great performer too.