Best amp for Meadowlark Blue Herons?

I recently bought a pair of Meadowlark Blue Herons. I'm looking at a few different anps... Bat Vk200, Belles 150a Ref V2 or Bryston 3BST. I'm looking for alot of detail with an excellent soundstage. Does anyone have any experience with the Blue Herons?

My equipment:
Preamp- Modwright 9.0 SE.
DAC- Eastern Electric Minimax Plus
Pass Labs 1.2 Mono Blocks
i have a pair of the Blue Heron 2's and drive them with Tom Evans monoblock Linear B'S (55 watt). Meadowlarks do nicely with tubes. i have driven the same pair with Art Audio Jotta's (25 watt) and a Tom Evans Linear A (25 watt)
In my main system, the Blue Heron II's moved out my Wilson WP 7's. I tried a Musical Fidelity Trivista 300 integrated, Audio Research VT 100 Mk III, a McCormack DNA 1 modded Platinum, but finally settled on a pair of BEL 1001 Mk V switched to mono.
The BH's are 91db efficient, so lower level tubes or smaller integrated (Lavardin?) have worked well for others. I am more than happy with my system as it is (using a tube pre, Hovland HP 100, Sword and Audience AU cabling), and despite several trips to RMAF and lurking around some larger HiFi stores, have not had the urge to change speakers. In medium size, treated room, these guys show their stuff, and I listen for hours without fatigue.
Moving into computer audio; wonder where that will take me; but rest assured the BH's will go along for the ride.
never heard Meadowlark speakrs but always wanted to - but remember reading that Pat McGinty always kept a Music Reference RM200 around his shop & thought highly of it - that is if you don't mind going tubes - it'll create what you're looking for bigtime. good luck
The synergy between The blue herons and Bat gear is astounding from what my friends told me. Get a bat Pre with a SS or tube amp of your choice.
I own Blue Herons #1 & #2, upgraded. I pair them with the Belles 350A Reference Monoblocks. I think they sound fantastic. Detailed with great soundstage depth and width. I am also a big fan of JPS speaker wire, interconnects and JPS Kaptovator AC, want to try the JPS Aluminata when budget permits. Have used Cardas and a few others but like the clarity I get with JPS product.
I have the original Blue Heron's with the piezoelectric tweeters and use a pair of Conrad Johnson Premier 12 monoblocks (140 watts each) and a CJ CT5 pre. I did he Teflon capacitor upgrade on the Premier 12's.
The dealer used CJ, so I figured that would be a good match. At first I had a CJ MV55 (45 watts/channel) but that wasn't nearly enough IMO to drive the Meadowlarks.

I think the pairing is very good. Plenty of detail, nice tonal quality and good bass slam when needed. The imaging is great - the speakers just disappear. The time and phase alignment of these speakers is amazing.

The thing about this combination with CJ (and maybe other amps -don't know) is how revealing it is. Whenever I upgrade anything in the system, I'll hear a clear difference. Just when I think I've gotten everything out of these speakers, I'll upgrade a power cord, an RCA or a source component and the sounds just keeps getting better.