Best Amp for Paradigm 100 Speakers

I need some advice! I am looking for the best amp to pair with my recently acquired Paradigm Studio 100's (V2). The application is primarily HT with occasional 2 channel listening (mostly classic rock). My system currently consists of a rotel 985 DVD player, Parasound AV1800 AV Preamp and Paradigm Reference CC, ADP, and Servo 15 speakers. I would be interested in people's opinion on the best AMP/AMPS to power a 5 channel system. I have been considering: Parasound 2205, Parasound 2003, Rotel 991/993, Acurus 200/200X3. Are there other amps in this price range that you might recommend? Does anyone have first hand experience in using these amps in similar systems? I would appreciate all feedback. Thanks.
I used an Acurus/paradigm system for some time and found them to work together well but my goal was music, may not have the authority of your other choices, I don't know but I would say it is a must audition
I have had the Paradigm Studio 60s for the past year. While I haven't tried the amps you listed, I found B&K multi-channel amps to be a good match. My only complaint is they seem a little slow dynamically when it comes to full symphony orchestra music. For HT they are quite nice. I tried a NAD 2400 but the bass was too loose and overall a little too cold.
I have the V2 100's and have had 2-A250 Acurus, bi-amped 991 Rotels and a ATI1505, NONE of them COMPARE to the 450watt per channel ATI 1506!! These speakers NEVER I mean NEVER sounded this good!! Image, stage, tightness, these speakers came alive like never before. Try to find you a dealer to audition one, you'll love it!! You will want the 1504 if you just want 2 channels I bought 2 1506's for future formats. These amps are so hard to find second hand because one wants to part with them.
If you want the ultimate sound out of the 100s try the Bryston 7B ST monos or even a single 250W 4B ST. This is the ultimate in 2 channel. Clarity, some of the best bass I have ever heard and music that just sounds real. These Canadian companies are 1 hour away from each other, coincidence, hmmmmm
I'm currently using my studio 100s in my home theater set-up where they are being powered by a Carver 760x, together they absolutely rock! The Carver amp succesfully tames down the slightly tipped up treble of the Paradigms, and at 380wpc when it comes down to layin the smackdown, they deliver! Unfortunately, since Carver went under, it isn't much help for you to know that. But, I can tell you that I've heard them with B&K amps, and they are not the best match, it's not that they are dynamically slow, it's just that the sound is very closed in(soundstage is very narrow), but that won't be a big problem if you use them primarily for video playback.I've also heard the ATI & Bryston amps, and they are definetely top choices, another amp that I can recommend with the paradigms is the Sunfire cinema grand and I can tell you they truly sing together! Another option you could look at is Anthem; I know that Bryston may be close to Paradigm... but I also know that Paradigm bought Sonic Frontiers almost 2 years ago, I'm pretty sure they'll make a synergystic match. Good luck in your shopping.