Best Amp With Some Warmth and Midrange Magic To Pair With The RAAL Requsite SR1a's?

I just ordered a pair of these after hearing them fairly extensively in a couple systems. These amazing ear speakers have absolutely incredible speed, detail and clarity, and very surprising bass. I'm not sure you could equal those qualities in a speaker at 20 times the price. However, I think they are capable of moving from amzing to absolutely magical when used with the right amp. That would be one, which brings some warmth and midrange magic to the party. 

Normally this would clearly mean a good tube amplifier.However, the numbers of tube amps that would fill the bill are greatly narrowed due to the fact that, to perform optimally, the RAAL's require 150wpc solid state, and 100wpc tubed. And there are no shortcuts. As one reviewer experienced, as also did my friend and I, even the excellent ARC Reference 75 tube amp (with a rock solid 75wpc) came up a bit short in our listening. As did a very respected solid state amp rated at 100wpc.  

I would appreciate any recommendations of warmer solid state amps of the necessary wattage, or any potential tube amps that come to mind. My finances would great appreciate limiting the cost to $2500.00 or under, used. Older amps are fine unless they are at a point where they would need to be recapped/refurbished at significant expense. 

Any recommendations, thoughts or expertise is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
I moved a slightly modified version of this to the amps/preamps forum here. I realized too late, that most headphone oriented enthusiasts simply wouldnt deal with enough speaker amplifiers to answer this. Thanks.
Perreaux 2150B - 340wpc/8ohms, 680wpc/4ohms, 920wpc/2ohms. My go-to amp when a lot of power is required! Available for around $1K. Sound quality equal to amps costing 10X +.
I just ordered a Quicksilver Audio headphone amp.  I expect in a week or so.  It is a single ended triode using EL84 output and 12AX7 input.    I will post my impressions.  
Line Magnetic LM-150IA tube amps runs at 100 watts.
The MingDa MC368-B150 tube amp runs at 150 watts.
Both use KT150 tubes, like the ARC Reference 75.

Sounds like a SS Class-A amp might be the ticket.  If you can find a Plinius SA102 it should have ample power and warmth while being well within your budget.  It also has a handy low-bias switch for less-critical listening or if you want to leave the amp powered up but not blow up your electric bill.  Best of luck in your search, and congrats on the new earspeaks! 
I had put Schitt Freya+ fitted with Nos tube in front of Jot R and it tamed the hot sound of Sr1a.

Rogue Crouns Magnum II fitted with Nos Telefuken 12Ax7 and Amperex 12 Au7 make Sr1a sound sweet but it clipped occasionally at climax of orchestral music.
I'll add my "+1" to the Schiit Audio Jotunheim R headphone amp.  It was released a few months ago, and was an amp specifically designed for the RAAL Requisite SR1a headphones.  You don't need a separate speaker amplifier. 

The Jotunheim R will put out 13 amps of current per channel.  It also has the baffle compensation required for these headphones.  Here's a link:
Okay Thomas, any update on your Jotunheim-R?  Did Schiit Audio communicate with you what you might have done wrong?
Freya + fitted with Kenrad vt231 at gain stage and Sylvania vt231 at buffer stage in front of Jot R works well with Sr1a.

it give nice balance of full bass and details.

With this combination, Sr1a does not sound too aggressive.

I stop fooling around for the time being.

Glad you have a happy ending!  I admit I only dabble in headphone use, so it's nice that fellas such as yourself share your experiences.
RAAL HSA-1b. I do not think crossing the AMP INTERFACE and also speaker wire can beat a direct connection like the HSA-1b. I am listening to the HSA-1b as I type this. 

So in that vein, I would assume the Schitt J something punches above the weight of most 2 channels amps in driving the SR1a.
@nightfall What did you end up with?

 I have spent the last 3 months playing with different amp combos with the SR1a. My previous post about the HSA-1b maybe not correct since I have found some amp combos that are great with the SR1a..
For the RAAL SR1a I have or had in the house by either buying or demoing (2 weeks or longer) the following gear:

- Benchmark AHB2 + DAC3B + HPA4 = awful with SR1a

- Benchmark AHB2 x 2 + DAC3B + HPA4 = not so awful but not great (my 2 channel reference gear)

- Benchmark AHB2 x2 + AudioMirror Tubadour III SE (AMT3SE) tube DAC + HPA4 = very good

- CODA CSiB (from July 2018 build) + AMT3SE DAC = 10/10

- CODA CSiB + Benchmark DAC3B = 9/10

- KRELL K-300i + internal DAC = 7/10

- KRELL K-300i + AMT3SE DAC = 10/10

- RAAL HSA-1b + Benchmark DAC3B = 9/10 but I was not able to test with XLR which is better

- CODA 07x preamp (not delivered yet) + AMT3SE DAC + Benchmark AHB2 single amp = TBD

I sold the CODA CSiB and use the KRELL in another room now which does not have the RAAL amp interface box or a better external DAC.

I wrote a long write up about this testing I did in the Headphone section title "Best Speaker ..."

Any new updates here? I too had a chance to audition the RAAL’s and came away very impressed, however I did have the same feeling that more musical ‘magic’ could be rung out of them with a better amp. Anyone tried a really good Class D amp like Bel Canto, NuPrime or Rogue’s DragN?

I put my eight pair of headphone in a drawer because of my room acoustic done right...Dont underestimate room acoustic treatment and mechanical control...

But i am very interested by this specific headphone system.... Perhaps WHEN i will be in an other smaller house condition in the few years to come now, i am 70 years old , i will buy this one system....because my audio room will be also my sleeping room and it is impossible to do acoustic right in a sleeping room like i did in my dedicated room...

Anyway i proved for myself that, perhaps save for the best top headphones there is, nothing could beat an acoustically controlled room...

Save perhaps Raal and very few other high-end headphones, certainly not the 8 others i owned... They were good but were not able to rival my room acoustic done right ....They are old Stax SR5 Gold and some basic Stax lambda, and Hifiman H-400 old magneplanar, an hybrid one AKG 340 , and dynamic one like Beyerdynamic T990 pro, Beyerdynaic T150, Fostex T-10, AKG K701....By the way i modified each one of them for the best with succeess...

😁😊 But it was not enough to beat my room...

I think i will try a Raal if i am in the obligation to settle for a small house with no dedicated room  in the near time to come...