Best Buy to Pull CDs, Target Threatens to Pay Labels for CDs Only When Customers Buy Them

"With the popularity of digital music surging, Best Buy is officially pulling the plug on music CDs, and another retail giant may soon join them. Although CDs remain a relatively popular format worldwide, sales in the U.S. dropped more than 18% last year, prompting Best Buy to drop the format entirely".
There current selection is terrible at best I do much much better at a local place Called the Exhange.  What I really don’t understand is why bestbuy wastes so much space with dvd only movies. Every movie should at least be a Blu-ray combo pack.  They sometimes have 5 versions of the same film!  And rarely ever in 3d....
I have little reason to go to Best Buy, hate it there....   now really no reason for me to go there.... 
I buy kitchen appliances and my TV's at Best Buy, kind of forgot they sold CDs.
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BestBuy wouldn't be my first choice for music regardless of format.

Ditto for target.

+1 for Amazon.  There is also a used CD Market.  Most cities have a music store similar to Dimple Records where you can purchase used music CD's.  There's also Amoeba records.

If anything, BestBuy and Target are most likely finding it difficult to compete with Amazon on price and the convenience of shopping online.

There is a very good selection of CD's on eBay if you care to look there.Shipping can add a couple of bucks so that's a consideration. if you're looking for something off the beaten track though, it can be worth that couple of bucks.
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I use EBAY to search for CD's at bargain prices. I just won at auction (Amoeba) three nice CD's: REM Document ($.68!), Miles Davis Around The World ($1.81) and The Replacements Tim ($4). Shipping was $5.75 from LA to Florida. Done from the convenience of home with my smartphone!
I am a former Best Buy customer.  I bought an expensive laptop from them and their extra insurance policy.  The laptop was a lemon, in their shop 8-10 times, once they repaired the unit and didn't hook up the internal fans, toasted the motherboard, and forced me to take them to small claims court to get that resolved.

No Best Buy for me, ever again.