Best CD of Kenny Burrell A Night at the Vanguard?

I own this on mono LP (as "Man at Work", Cadet LP 769) but have seen Universal, Argo, and Verve have CD reissues of it. Does anyone know which has the best sound quality? Thanks!
My experience with jazz LPs is this: with combos 6-7 instruments or less, early mono issues are usually the best-sounding, followed by initial stereo LP issue, and, finally, everything issued thereafter. Occasionally, CD reissues are very good. I have a 1990 Chess LP release in stereo of "A Night At The Vanguard" that is excellent. I've never heard an early mono, but if the tendency described above follows, you likely have the version to own. Good listening!
Id go for Midnight Blue, although his Ellingotn compilations are awesome too. I have lots of Kenny and he never really disappoints. Even when he is so so he is better than many especially if you like bluesy jazz guitar.
I've had great luck with the recent Verve jazz remasters and reissues, especially the ones labelled "Verve Master Editions". Those along with the JVC K2's are my favorite remastered jazz cd's on the market. Just my 2 cents. Happy listening!