Best CD player now made.

I am interested in getting the best CD player out there as one of my digital sources. I have a few candidates but I wanted some other opinions. Any suggestions on the Sony's top player or Mark Levinson, or even the BAT tubed affair. I realise the Transport and the DAC might be superior but I wanted to stay below 5 digits. Thanks,
Cool, a now five year-old thread to post (possibly useless) subjective opinions on the best CD player...ha ha ha ha ha!
Never mind the "value" of subjective opinions, think about how much the technology has changed and improved over that time!
In ten years, this thread will be even funnier! ;-)
The Wadia 861se now sets the performance benchmark for $10K or under CDPs, at this date.
Sorry resolution audio gang. I replaced my 55 with the Electrocompaniet emc-1 mk2 and there is no contest.