Marantz cd players

Looking for some advice on a possible purchase I’m planning. 
I have been presented with a few good deals on a couple of different Marantz cd players.
1. Is a Marantz sa-10
2. Is a Marantz ki-ruby 
3 is a Marantz sa-30
Looking for the pros and cons and the benefits of each one over the other. 
I am looking at the Marantz brand because I am Familiar with the brand and something I have always had good luck with. 
Thanks for the help/advice


Hi, If you post your system and listening preferences it will help the feedback you get. I vote for the Ruby because I think it is becoming a collectors item.




Click on the downward pointed triangle next to “discussion Forum”… then Virtual Systems. Some photos and listing your components will help enormously.

Good point! 
My system is set up as 2 different systems. 
1. Bel-Cantos 3.7 dac and ref 500 mono blocks.

2. Prima Luna evo 300

The speakers are 2 different pairs 

1. Martin Logan esl’s 

2. Manepans MMGI

I also run a pair of Rel T5X

I listen to a lot of music by streaming off the Bel-Canto

Vinyl with the Pro-Ject. 

I use a Vincent Pho-701 phono preamp.

I use MIT cables. 

So now I want to break out the cd’s.


If you want to integrate your streamer with your CDP get the sa-30 and sell the one you have now, if you want to keep the streamer separate get the ruby which doesn't stream.

I don’t need to see your system in order to give advice. No one really does.

I used to own a Marantz Reference SA-15S2 and thought very highly of it until I got a Technics SL-G700 SACD player which kind of ran rings around the Marantz in terms of air, dynamics, tone and that elusive see-through quality  into a recording.

Ken Ishiwata had a preference for that Marantz house sound and it showed in all the product he had a hand in making. They all lean towards the warm side of neutral and most music played through them had that unoffensive sound that can be big and engaging but it kept things at a distance for me as I’m not a fan of a romanticized sound.

I believe the Marantz SA-30 came out after his death and as such, the designers of that unit (and basically all from then on) went for a different sound more in line with the likes of my Technics and others out there in that they’re more engaging, upfront and detailed with better slam and dynamics, going for a more neutral presentation without the romantic sheen of old. That’s my take on it.

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Completely agree with the above post. Total BS and very voyeuristic wanting to see images to make a recommendation on audio equipment. Find it a bit creepy.  

Hi, If you post your system and listening preferences it will help the feedback you get. I vote for the Ruby because I think it is becoming a collectors item.


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Click on the downward pointed triangle next to “discussion Forum”… then Virtual Systems. Some photos and listing your components will help enormously.


Total BS and very voyeuristic wanting to see images to make a recommendation on audio equipment.

If you really wanna go there its total BS to ask advice from strangers on the internet, but IMO, if you want to ask anyway, a picture helps. 

@nonoise I second every thing in his post, particularly about the old Marantz house sound, which rolled off the treble to much for my liking.  I am not familiar with their newer iterations.  Btw, for the OP, the Marantz customer service doesn’t get high marks.  Hopefully the CDP will stay problem free until you get your money worth, because after that you are probably SOL

I really appreciate everyone’s help with making my decision on the Marantz cd players. 

I do have the opportunity to try them out for a week and return if I am unhappy with any of them. 

I had the Marantz 30N SACD player/ streamer. It was a very well built and good sounding player. 

I upgraded my entire system from integrated amp to pre power amp and speakers  so it benefits to have a SACD transport and Separate streamer/DAC which costs 4 times more but I m extremely happy about my changes  I don’t mention brand here as it is off topic and ppl might start judging me  lol 



The best Marantz CDP to this day is the old CD-94.  We still used one in our listening room.  It completes in stock form with most any CDP out there these days especially for the $1K used prices.


Happy Listening.



You cannot go wrong with those (3) choices. I am looking forward in reading more about your impressions/thoughts on Marantz. I own a SA-11S2 cd/sacd player.


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Well, I ended up buying the Marantz KI Ruby and I’m loving it! 
I want to thank you all for your help and insight on these 3 choices I had. 
This was the first post I have made and I am very happy with the response. 
Thanks again! 



Nice choice. Keep me posted as you massage this Reference player into your system.


Happy Listening!

So maybe everyone here can give me some more advice in to where the best place for selling some of my gear would be. I have a lot of audio that I need to part with and don’t want to pay a lot of big fees, like what eBay charges. 
Thanks again for all of the help you all have given. 

Congratulations @thedoc2004 on the new equipment. Now sit back and enjoy your music!

This site or US Audiomart would be the best places to sell your audio gear that you don't need.



Here and U.S.Audiomart  -for selling Gear.


Happy Listening!

I have the SA-10, which replaced a Sony 5400-ES.  When I got the Sony 5400ES and played an SACD vs. the same redbook CD the quality difference in the sound was readily apparent, so I wanted to stick with SACD.  I did extensive research before choosing the SA-10, which I judged to be the best alternative to the PS Audio Directstream, which went out of production at the time.  I like that the Marantz converts everything to DSD using it's own technology, not an R2R and not a chip per se.  I also use the DAC with a COAX cable from my ifi streamer.  The DAC is said to be high quality when used this way, but there haven't been any reviews I could find that compares it to a separate DAC.  When choosing the SA-10, I put it up against the $20k SACD players, which I thought were too expensive and the Technics, which has MQA and was much less expensive but has MQA.  I thought I'd be giving up MQA cd's, but apparently those never took off and now I hear MQA isn't that great, too.  The SA-10 may be a little dated in some aspects, but it's built like a tank.  A retailer wanted full list price for it, but I got an open box for about 40% less, which I thought was a good tradeoff.  I think it will hold it's value.  The technology is unique and build quality is top notch.  The sound is great; I just don't A/B it against anything else.  I did like the Sony 5400 though and haven't had the heart to part with it.  The rest of my system is a Luxman AX590ii integrated and Yamaha NS-5000 speakers.  I consider it to be a great value compact reference system that should stand the test of time.

Absolute Sound just came out with a glowing review of the Technics SL-G700M2 by Anthony Cordesman.

There's another one from Twittering Machines that's not as effusive but still positive.

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Right now you can pick up the Marantz sa-10 for $3500 that’s a $4000 savings so I was really looking at it. But I was able to pick up the Marantz KI-Ruby for just over half it’s normal price of $4000. It was a really hard call to make but I am really enjoying the Ruby. I don’t use the Dac in the Marantz but I have heard it’s a really good one on both the Ruby and the Sa-10. 

I fell in love with the ruby upon first listen. I did no comparisons or shopping; I just bought it. I don’t know if the other players mentioned have this, but I like that the ruby has coax and optical inputs and it’s own volume control.

Love love love my Ruby. Have had it for more than 5 years. Have upgraded everything around it several times but never once had the desire to move on from this player. I also you the DAC everyday via Optical input from both my TV and a bluesound Node 2. 

interesting to here the perspective regarding the “house sound”. I find the imaging and separation to be totally engaging - not distanced at all. Definitely curious to hear that technics for informational purposes tho!

Had an SA-10 when they first came out and loved it.  At the time many of the Sony execs owned them.  All good until it quit... as almost any mechanical item might when it wears out.  No parts available and big money to repair.  Not wanting to spend the money for the SA-15 for a system I now seldom use; as I mostly stream with a dCS Bartok. I replaced it with the N30 to have the ability to play my SACDs.  It's DAC is very nice for those discs... a mostly Japanese talent.  For CDs, I output the N30 via SPIDIF to the Bartok for decoding.