Best CD scratch repair/cleaning machine

Hello, I am looking for a good CD scratch repair and cleaning machine for under 30 bucks. I have a few cd's and im not really looking for those wipes i was thinking something motorized? Im sure the guys with 1000+ cd collections have these. thanks
Check out the Skip Doctor at
It works like a charm.
try mikro smooth. I think mapleshade or music direct sells it. should be under $30...
I have had excellent results with both CD and DVD repairs using CD Fix-It. CD2000, Inc. Palatine, IL 60067. I have saved many CDs I thought were unplayable. Jeff
What about the polishers rental places use? I bet that's no too hard to make...
Skip doctor, disk doctor, data doctor, all the same product. Cheap plastic construction but it WORKS.
Another vote for skip/data doctor. It works. A final polish with Bendini or mapleshade helps.