best cost no object single unit streamer/dac combo you have ever heard?

I have a Lumin X1 and have a hard time believing it can get much better than this unit.

I've read though other units may in fact smoke this so genuinely curious

brands that I have seen tossed out, Aurender, Playback Designs, and DCS to name a few

combo units only please






we we were a lumin dealer for many years the x1 is an incredible one box however e were able to beat  the x1 with  an aqua hifi la scala and an 432evo Aeon and this combination costs the same amount.


additionally both products are obsolescence proof 100% upgradable

this is a combination  worth checking out if you want a very analog sounding digital rig

Dave and Troy

audio intellect nj

Aqua hifti and 432evo dealers.


as mentioned, really seeking input on higher end combo units

very curios too on the new Sim Audio North collection streamer/dac