best cost no object single unit streamer/dac combo you have ever heard?

I have a Lumin X1 and have a hard time believing it can get much better than this unit.

I've read though other units may in fact smoke this so genuinely curious

brands that I have seen tossed out, Aurender, Playback Designs, and DCS to name a few

combo units only please






That is easy, Aurender W20SE streamer with the Audio Research Reference CD9SE DAC. I have also had in my system the Berkeley Alpha Reference Alpha DAC ($22K), which was ever so slightly more detailed, but not quite as musical. I also had the Grimm Streamer… no not nearly as good, and the top of the line Linn Streamer / DAC… no not quite. Also, several others. Obviously I own what sounded best to me.

we we were a lumin dealer for many years the x1 is an incredible one box however e were able to beat  the x1 with  an aqua hifi la scala and an 432evo Aeon and this combination costs the same amount.


additionally both products are obsolescence proof 100% upgradable

this is a combination  worth checking out if you want a very analog sounding digital rig

Dave and Troy

audio intellect nj

Aqua hifti and 432evo dealers.


as mentioned, really seeking input on higher end combo units

very curios too on the new Sim Audio North collection streamer/dac

I have not heard it for myself, but the unit I would love to try is the Exasound S82 mk II.  I especially like the fact it has a Roon core built in, great streamer, preamp functionality, and purportedly, a killer DAC.  Currently using the HifiRose RS150b.

The Best I’ve owned are my present units.  The Innuos Pulsar Streamer 8K and the Weiss 204 Dac.  Dan Wright ( Modwright) is coming out with a Power Supply for the Weiss Dac which will be 1/3 of the Price that Weiss ( 3300 ) sells the it’s Power Supply for this Dac.  His Power Supply can be customized by Modwright  ( Amps + Voltage ) for use on any unit.

@tave5 Yes, the Weiss DAC204 will benefit from a power supply upgrade.

I use the one linked below. They have different voltage options but one can adjust the unit themselves to any voltage within the specified range (5-24Vdc) with the internal trim pot.

Linar Power Supply

Hi guys,

@audiocanada (OP) has specifically/clearly requested information regarding "one box"  combo components and people are recommending "separate" component alternatives. I do not doubt that the separate component combinations sound terrific but this is not what he asked for.


one box to rule them all ( sorry couldn’t resist ) = Brinkmann Nyquist II

and yes, i have heard it at great length in ore than a few superb systems….

Also the N America importer for NAIM are in Canada…. i find the streamer / DAC units they sell to be very neutral with excellent software stability… 

I’ve heard two: the Linn DSM/3 Organik and the T+A SD 3100 HV both of which have a built in streaming client w/ their DAC. In my view, both of these units were significantly better than the DCS Bartok, the Boulder 866 and the Mola Mola Tambaqui. Of course, they were both significantly more expensive as well. But, for a top end combo unit? These two. Unfortunately, I couldn’t hear the Linn and T+A in the same system. That would have been interesting.