Best DVD as transport

Plan on buying a dvd player as a transport. Are they all the same?
For the money. You can't beat the Pioneer DVD-414, if you can find one new or used buy it. I compared it to big name dedicated CD transports, costing ten and even 20 times the price and... the Pioneer flat out won in accuracy. Of course in some areas the $5,000-$8,000 CD transports were stronger, but over all this little Pioneer DVD-414 is amazing. It may not be heaviest, or the prettiest but it sure does a great job in any system. And best of all it does best on your wallet so you can just enjoy the music, which sometimes we forget about.-Brian
I use a CAL Labs CL-25. For more money than a Pioneer DVD-414, you won't be needing a DAC (at least I won't be needing a DAC) anytime soon. Video and sound quality are both near state of the art. If those snooty reviewers at Stereophile was willing to give out a Class 'A' rating for CD players to a low-priced (relative to other Class 'A' contenders) DVD player, which is almost heresy, I think it's a no-brainer. There is are few players in the world that can exceed the sound quality of the CL-20/25 playing a 24/96 disc from Chesky. And remember this puppy plays movies to some critical acclaim. Best bang for the hi-end buck.
In planet hi-fi's 1997 review ( the Sony DVD S-7000 was considered by a host of senior reviewers as being the best cd transport (including audio-only tranport) regardless of price. I know this is hard to beleive, but hook it up and you will at least come to the conclusion that is very, very, very good. Now most audio dealers would prefer selling you a $ 4,000.00 transport, so promoting the Sony DVD is out. Current Sony best is the 7700. One of the very best transport money can buy. An ok stand-alone cd-player. And arguably the best picture for DVD's. All this wrapped in a solid, dual pick-up, whisper quiet machine. This, friends, is what we truly can call a no-brainer.
Just thought that I would bring this one back up to the top since the format war seems never ending. Any additional thoughts?
I own pioneer dv 09 I also own theta data 3 I can switch 'tween both from Purcell up sampler then into Theta gen5a w/24/96 up grade.In my system they aren't even close.'cause then we go into cat3. So it depends on how much your system resolves.Had a 414 in my system;lot for the money but I wouldn't want to put a cd in there,and have to listen.Not trying to be snobish,just don't kid yourself about the merits of dvd players as cd players
I, like Ampman66, think that the Sony 7700 is excellent. I do not claim that it is the best transport made, however at $689.00 mail order, (I recently bought one), it is truly amazing. And, I agree with the comments about the picture quality, it is remarkable.
I like the Pioneer Elite DV-05. You can get one new for around $600. Great as a transport and one of the best damned DVD video players I've seen. Also is marvelous as a CD player into my Music Fidelity X-Can & Sennheiser HD600 cans. Didn't work too well as a CD player in my main system though, probably because I use a passive pre-amp and the DV-05's power supply just can't push the required current into a 2K load.
If you collect CDR's, don't plan on using any transport other than the top-of-the-line Sony (which uses dual lasers). Standard DVD transports can't read them.
Sony 7700 or even better any McIntosh(if you can afford). On average DVD player will have cd sound quality of CD unit half the price.