Best DVD Audio Player Today--New or Used

I'm planning on upgrading my Esoteric DV-50S to a new K-01 or K-03. Assuming I get the K-03, I would also like to get the best DVD Audio player I can buy to continue to play my fairly substantial collection of this otherwise out of date format. What would you recommend that would beat the DV-50S besides the obvious cases in the Esoteric line? What about the older Meridian 800 reference? How would these compare to the latest Oppo or other players? Thanks in advance for your reply.
I have an Oppo 95 with the Modwright mods that works great for video and streaming Netflix through it.
I am also a dealer for Esoteric if you are interested in any pricing.
Most of the people I know think the Meridian 800 is the best dvda player. Personally, I don't think it is. I would check out the Ayre universal player. I think its much better and it costs far less.
I have my Oppo 95 optical output hooked up to the EMM Labs XDS1 optical input :) You could do the same: if you are keeping the older Esoteric, just use that to feed the new Esoteric's DAC.

Most DVDAs are unencrypted.

Or you can rip the DVDAs to 24/96 and use computer audio.
The Meridian player has gotten very cheap on the used market, since it's rather old at this point. I think the Ayre and Meridian might be comparable in price unless you are referring to the newer Ayer universal player, which is a lot more expensive. Thanks for the reply.
The meridian has been out for a long time, but it can be updated. As far as cost goes, the Ayre c5 is around $6000, the meridian is $20000.
I own an Exemplar 3910. Laser is shot,and I want to know only about the Audio quality of Dan's mod. John Tucker is going to be doing one, as well, and they may be the way to go. I am an Exemplar fan, but could go to the other side. I live in the nyc area and would love to AB this baby against a big gun. Anyone?
Assuming you play in 2 channel mode only, you can save a bundle and get yourself an oppo 93 with a digi out board mod. This will output DVD-A at full resolution digitally over s/pdif. You play this digital signal into your k-03 and presto.
Actually I have not encountered a DVDA that's copy protected and those will output full HR over SPDF.
Oppo 105
Great black levels
Wonderful sound blu ray, upsampled dvd, dvd a, sacd
Redbook isn't up to speed of $$ players