Best high end multi-disc player as transport?

I am looking for experienced recommendations of high end multi-disc cd players (with a coaxial out) to use as a transport. Thank you,
I owned an Anthem - it makes a lot of noise when changing disc - not many have coax outs - the California Labs CL 10 was better - I also owned it. You may want to consider a Sony or other DVD carousel because they do have coax outs and can double as your video source - they make good transports and some even have SACD capability if that interest you .
Thanks. I was aware of the CAL and actually owned the Anthem, but I bever liked the internal magazine, and having to load one disc at a time. I think I would prefer a good, smooth carousel. It seems like this is a really untapped part of the market.
Adcom makes a decent 5 disc transport, or did.
Denon also
But you're never sure of the build quality with those. (my cheaper line Philips transport died after 3 years).
Nakamichi made a very expensive multi-disc transport (the Dragon), which reputedly was the best multi-disc transport out there (the retail price with the accompanying Dragon DAC was ~$15,000). However, I have no experience with it.
This truly is an untapped area - if Krell. Levinson, Accuphase or Electrocompaniet ever invested in this they couldn't keep them in stock. Krell invested in a receiver that never took off (2 channel only) - they could easily recoop with this idea.
Denon makes a 100 disc 35 lb. player for $1600 retail.It has a digital out. You can also add a $1200 100 disc unit to it, and probably daisy chain more than one. Sometimes found used,as well.DSD 5000, I believe it's called (middle letter might be wrong, but not the DVD 5000).
On the Bel Canto website, in the FAQ section for the DAC 2, there is a blurb about the theoretical benefits of using a DVD player as the transport mechanism for an upsampling DAC. Does anyone have any experience to back up the claim the a DVD player may be a better transport for upsampling DAC's?

Thanks to you all for your respones. I am learning.....
I use a Sony 5 disc DVD changer as one of my transports to a Kora Hermes tube DAC with 24/192 upsampling - I also have an Electrocompaniet ECM player as a transport hooked to the Kora . It sounds really great and is really hard to distinguish from the Electro through the Dac . I don't know what the advantage would be in the music area with a Dvd player as a transport other than it does have a coax digital out rather than just a toslink which most regular changers have. The coax is suppose to be a better transmitter of the digital signal.
This does seem to be an unfilled niche in the audio world, and probably why so many tweakers exist to modify existing carousel players. I'd probably start with one of the Sony carousel players(the 555 maybe?) that does SACD multichannel and have someone like Stan Warren or Dan Wright modify it for a few hundred bucks into a killer transport that would probably compete very favorably against the high-dollar units mentioned above. Best of luck.

I don't know offhand, but if you do a search here you'll likely be able to find them with a little effort. Anyone else know how to get in touch with Stan Warren or Dan Wright? You can also check out Ric Schultz's website at He offers some interesting thoughts on upgrades, but I'm not sure what the status is on his latest mods.