Best LP cover and record protection

I now use SleaveCity's (9222 3 mil LP Resealable) and (NGsleeves 12in Polylined LP sleeves) . What I don't like is the flap is flimsy and after multiple removals from my rack it folds on to itself. Also sometimes difficult to place over a double LP especially if you want to keep the original paper liner as well.

Now as for the Liner. It is easy to place in and out of the cover. Sometimes I feel I get more static and or paper dust compared to the totally clear plastic type. However, that type is hard to put on and stuff into the cover.

What does everyone else like to use. Is there an" Absolute best" ? Where do you get them?

Thanks, Richard
There is no one best that all of us are likely to agree on, but I have used hundreds of Sleeve City's "Ultimate Record Sleeve Outer 2.5" sleeves and find them very satisfactory. They nicely accommodate gatefold and double LP albums and I find them easier to use on a regular basis than the heavier 5 mil outer sleeves. I've also used a couple hundred of the Box Set sleeves with similar positive results.
The other choices, which I myself use, are the Japanese resealable outer sleeves sold by Elusive Disc.

These are high quality, the genuine article, hold up very well.

One downside, they are a bit expensive. I've had success with them containing any Mo-Fi LP, and all double LP's, and the only rare exceptions might be a few of my large/thick triple LP's will not fit within them.

As for damaging a resealable sleeve, yes, one can damage these as well, and put permanent creases into the resealable flaps (usually the corners) if you are not careful how you re-insert your LP's back into a record rack. Mark
I get mine from Soundsource in Los Angeles - it's the highest quality I've found.

They also sell the rounded (at the bottom) Japanese innersleeves, which do the job very well - and cost a lot less than the MoFi innersleeves.