best of both worlds can u get a musical multi amp?

i wonder if it is possible to get a multichannel amp that is just as musical as it is ht effective..i own a dreadnaught 2 which i really like, though most of the reading i do suggests dedicated 2 channel amps give you the best sound...any thoughts?
Just puzzlement. Some MCH amps have channels with independant power supplies so they only share the chassis and power cord.
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Yes, I have listened to multichannel SACDs for a while.
try those new DSD recording (after 2002) on classical music SACDs, they are amazing:

You never know until you do A/B comparsion. You need to make sure:
1) setup all your spks are full range spks; 2) the center channel spk and amp are just as good as your mains; 3) use ITU guide for your spk positions, your rare spks shall place > 100 degree (as suggested by ITU 110 degree). 4) if you can, make sure the central channel get mod done too while geting your SACD player mods. I have all tube system setup in my listen room, really enjoy. Now I realized the 2-channel system will not reproduce "live music" -- as people claimed they have.
There is no reason it can't sound as good. This is just another "audio myth".

Sure a multichannel integrated with 5 channels that costs the same as a monoblock single channel power amp is quite unlikley to out perform the power amplification prowess of the monoblock on any one indvidual channel...but you would expect that.
If you want musical then "downgrade" to a used Dreadnaught I. Alternatively, try an Ayre V-6xe.
ooo i feel no need to downgrade..i love this amp..besides its heat issues..i am just curious as to am i getting the best stereo sound from a multi channel...or..if that is a misnomer
I used to have Dreadnaught II, and then switched to BAT 75 SE, and I'll venture a thought, that BAT is significantly better for music reproduction. Actually BAT makes MC amp VK- 6200, and coming from VK himself, " many people bought it strictly for 2-CH systems". I haven't heard it myself, though.
From my personal experience I can say, that I found a dedicated high quality stereo system ( 2-ch preamp with HT bypass, mono blocks for the front channels), integrated into HT set-up (HT pro-, MCH amp for the front and rear channels), to be a more flexible and capable solution.
I also owned the Dreadnaught II as well as other multi-channel amps from Conrad Johnson and Krell. I can tell you that emphatically none of these could compare to a large number of equally priced and even lower priced two channel amps in terms of stereo (2-channel performance). The Dreadnaught lasted two weeks in my system before I sold it, to a guy where it lasted one week - due to its performance in 2-channel operation. I bought into the rave reviews on this amps claim to perform in 2-channel, as did the guy who bought it from me.

Is it a bad amp? No, but there are a large number of 2-channel amps at a fraction of its new price that will outperform it in 2-channel mode. This is not a knock on just the Dreadnaught though, this has been my experience with all the multi-channel amps to date. Of course, the rest of your system will help determine the performance in both HT and 2-channel operation (as a note, I am also a believer from experience that the pre/pros cannot perform in 2-channel mode at or near the same level as two channel preamps - having gone through many pre/pros [McIntosh/Acurus/B&K/Krell/etc. .] and preamps [Aesthetix/Cary/BAT/ARC/Jeff Rowland/etc. . .]).