Best of the "Best of Chicago" Compilations

Hi, I recently purchased "The Very Best of Chicago, Only the Beginning" It's a double CD on Rhino. I love the music from this period of Chicago but the recording quality of most of this CD is unlistenable. Can you recommend Chicago compilations to get that are of good recording quality? Thanks
I have "Group Portrait", which is pretty comprehensive. Recording quality varies with Chicago track to track across so many albums, from mostly good to very good.

Surprising about the Rhino collection. Rhino stuff is usually pretty good though there is only so much that can be done with some recordings.
In my opinion you would have to get columbia records cd's of each album, I, II, III, V, VI, VII and I suppose you could burn your own cd copy of selected cuts you like best?
Also there is the original columbia "Chicago Greatest Hits" from the end of that same period, I think up to Chicago VIII. just an idea.
The first two albums or CD's...CTA and Chicago contain many of their best songs, and the Rhino re-issues on CD sound great.
The first CTA record is one of the great schizophrenic records of all time. On the one hand, the hit machine that would dominate AM radio for decades. On the other, Terry Kath and his maniac guitar. After that record, we never saw the truly maniacal Kath again. By all means, buy the compilations, but they'll never capture the real appeal of that first record.

Maniac Terry Kath struts off his bluesy guitar on the "IV" or the 4 volume "Live at Carnegie Hall". For performance reasons, this remains my favorite Chicago... you have to get past the poor miking and live sound recording shortcomings in 1971, meaning attempting to record mobile Live "electrified" instruments in a space like Carnegie Hall.
What I'm looking for is the Chicato compilations or I suppose individual discs that have good remastered sound since the compilation I just bought is basically so poor in quality that it's unlistenable.
Foster: only thing I know of then it the official "Chicago Greatest Hits" on the columbia record label, this came out in mid/late 70's, with a photo of the band on the cover "looking like a Norman Rockwell painting" You would know it if you saw it... This 'greatest hits' had all the singles from the early 70's, like "25 or 6 to 4", "Beginnings" etc. up to "Call on Me" from Chicago VII