Best planar, elctro......budget and room concerns

I am looking into Planar/Hybrid/Electrostatic speakers,
new or used in a mid-fi (I suppose) system, and not a huge room to set too far from wall (1-3 feet)

My system is Rotel and Parasound and Proton amps, I will get more power for any speaker but want to know wich might be best for me..I have looked at Matrin Logan, Maggies, Innersound, and Eminent Technology.
I do not listen at concert levels I just want detail, but some bass issues have me a bit concerned, I do have an HSU Research 12V sub and cant afford any upgrade to all and every part of my system...any ideas for $2000.00 or less?
I know my budget is strict and hard to work around but new or used I just wish to be happy...thanks all Chad
Eminent Technology LFT-VIIIa with Sound Anchor stands or the Magnepan MG-1.6 with Mye Sound stands. Either is excellent.
The Innersound and ET's are both excellent speakers, the downside to the Innersound is the Eros MkII has been discontinued for awhile and the sweet spot is only about a foot wide - not a good choice if more than one person is going to be listening to them.

The ET's have had a stable design ever since the "A" version came out in
97 or 98. They can be purchased new with Sound Anchor stands for less than your budget. A new review by Hi FI + is due to in bookstores on

I would recommend the Eminent Technology with Sound Anchor stands.
Most of the Apogee hybrid designs work well in smaller rooms, I have a pair of Centaur Minors that I used to use in my 12x17' living room.

Shipping can be a problem with Apogee speakers though so may not fit the bill unless you find a pair near your home for pickup.

VMPS ribbons, here's a list of reviews. The 626R's are in your price range: