Best player for iPhone, pad

Hi I'd like to purchase from itunes player that plays lossless files. Which one would you recommend?
The music player in yr iPhone/iPad plays lossless AIFF, WAV and Apple Lossless. No need to purchase a new player.

There's FLACplayer that I use to play FLAC but it is not as easy to manage my playlists and library with that.

ps there's a hardware limitation on iOS devices that limits playback to 48kHz and 44.1kHz. So no 88.2, 96 or 192kHz material will be played natively
"there's a hardware limitation on iOS devices that limits playback to 48kHz and 44.1kHz. So no 88.2, 96 or 192kHz material will be played natively"

There are exceptions to this...Example: iPad via Apple's $35 Camera Connection Kit will output digital 24/96 lossless, with incredible fidelity.
Hi Sandstone. Can u please elaborate on this? Are u talking about the one with the USB input? U still need a DAC, right? Also if u buy the iPad dock, u can access the DAC inside directly via the headphone jacks. There is no volume control, u must use a preamp. Sound is much more detailed and intimate. Spotify sounds quite listenable.
Yes but as some articles have stated, that's a hack that works and we don't know if Apple would disable this. As we know, the same connector doesn't allow that same feature on the iPhone so we know it can be locked out.

The official Apple endorsed method (eg using a Cypher Solo DAC type device or a digital dock like the Wadia) is still limited to 44/48kHz IIRC
USB Camera Kit is an attachment to the iPad and adds a USB Type A port and makes the iPad a USB host.

Using a regular A to B cable, you can connect that USB port to a USB DAC. This works as long as the DAC is USB Audio Class 1.0 compliant (up to 24/96)
Is Apple lossless EAC format?
What soft will convert any to Apple Lossless?
THANKS for input
I'm not sure I understand the source of your files. If it is iPhone or iPod then I use a impure 20 dock to transfer lossless from my iPod to my stereo from Toslink or coaxial digital or even analog. Would this help?
I use XLD on Mac to rip my CDs to AIFF. XLD can also rip to WAV and Apple Lossless (runs a compressed lossless algorithm like FLAC).

XLD works similarly to EAC which does error correction and checks against an online database.
I tried connecting the iPad to my DAC (Auralic Vega) using the USB camera kit. A message pops up saying the iPad cannot use the DAC because it requires too much power. The DAC, interestingly, locked on to the 44.1khz signal. I was scared to hit play thinking it may damage something. Did I miss doing something? Has anybody tried this setup?
As an alternative get yourself a HRT Istreamer dac and you'll have no isses