Best power cables for Krell?

I am looking into upgrading the stock PCs for my three components and my understanding is that PCs are system specific. I have a Krell KRC-3 pre, a KAV-250cd/2, and a KAV-250a amp. I would like to spend around $500-600 total( three PCs). I am running a VansEvers Reference 83 conditioner with a VansEvers PC to supply power. Any comments will be appreciated and I thank you in advance- Brett
I've tried a lot of power cords on my Krell FPB200 ,EG Fatboy,NBS Statement,Shunyata KC and black mamba,ESP Essence,and I found the FIM GOLD to be the best thus far.The FIM power cord sounds like it added an extra 50 watts on my amp.Since the FIM is out of your target price range I recommend the ESP Essence as I believe you can get them for around $2-300 here at Agon. Goodluck.

BMI Whale elite power cables when installed gave the best bass, biggest soundstage and smooth mids & highs. The Whale was the most natural sounding , no coloration or brightness/
I misread Brett996's dollar budget for cables. My mistake, the Whale sells between $500 -$700 on Audiogon depending on what length.You may want to check the EEL out in that price range of $200. I also have a pair of EELs running on my subs in the home theater setup and did wonders.

with your price range, would backup Topkat on suggesting to consider the BMI EEL cables.i'm using on mono blocks and pre. big bang for the buck. kurt
For value and performance,you simply can't do any better than the Whale....I've tried others and the BMI wins every time....Do youreself a favour and look around this site and you'll find that alot of us have allready crossed that bridge....Good luck......
I am having very good results with a Sonic Horizons Silver Moon. I was initially using a Synergistic A/C Master Reference which is a very good cable. But I tried out a power cable from Sonic Horizons called the Skyline which was one of the first cables to come with all WATTaGATE connectors. It offered a lot of value for the money. Harry at HCM Audio designs and spins all these cables himself and the service is very good. (They spin an excellent headphone cable). These Skyline cables have proved to be top
performers on my front-end equipment and so I have bought one for each. I do not want to plug my Krell KAV-250a into any conditioner but I did want to benefit form some filtering with the power cord. The Silver Moon has a number of filtering abilities without limiting power. It really “sweented” out this Krell. The PS Audio PP-300 did not like the filtered cord so it got the Synergistic. This Silver Moon is a bit expensive but I feel that it fits the bill for everything I need . I could have easily gone with the $300 Skyline but the extra copper and filtering on the Silver Moon sold me.
You can got to and follow the links to Sonic Horion ( they usually post a full page add in Stereopile ). They offer an excellent 30 trial and I was able to trade in some cables to get some cash off. I don't work for them. I just think that they are an excellent company with exemplary service and fine custom made products. Please repost here if you do decide on it. Also, their Hurricane model now sports a WATTaGATE IEC for the 189.00 price. Dale
i'm using BMI EEL on my classe which is high current like krell - beats stock, sr master coupler, and mit z II. great bass, round but tight and very natural sounding - more neutral than the other 3 i mentioned.
I am currently using BMI EEL on my Krell FPB200 amp, and
I'm pleased with the result! you might want to consider
this pc, as others suggested.
I use BMI Whale power cables on my Krell 300S amp & Krell KBL preamp. Compared about a dozen others in the past year and ended with the Whales. Bigger Bass & extension , smoother highs and more natural mids-vocals. The presentation & soundstage is more dynamic & precise with plenty of resolution without the hollow or fatigue feeling.