Best reasonable Phono preamp for Marantz TT15SI


I know this is just a modded Clearaudio Emotion, but I need to know what you all are using for a phono preamp for this table and what you like/dislike about the preamp.

I have considered;

Simaudio LP3
Bellari VP129

Yes, I know huge price differences, but I am a recent return to analog after 20 years away from the format and want to get it right the first time!

Any input is appreciated!

I have heard from reliable sources that the PS Audio is a great piece for the $ their asking especially the Underwood modded ones.

If you don't want to spend that much, a used Lehmann Black cube will do the job.
Ken, your three phono preamp choices are all over the place as far as gain and sound. The Bellari is moving magnet only and kinda warm with slightly loose bass. The PS Audio is a crisper, more modern and articulate sounding piece that has moving coil capacity. What are you looking for as far as sound and gain? What cartridge are you going to use and do you want to be able to move to a moving coil in the future if you aren't going to use one for now? There are so many more choices out there than you've listed. Are you going to buy new or used and what is the upper limit of your budget?
If he goes with the stock catridge, then he'll be using the Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood. I've been using this setup with the Musical Fidelity X-LPSv3, but I don't think that it's the best match.
second the Lehmann. It's adaptable enough to keep up with any cartridge you may try for the first few years.
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Not sure where I'll end up, but I want to get the best sound I can from this setup for now to see if I want to stay in analog, and if so I'll likely go further as I always seem to....
I have a Cambridge 640P, and I know it *can't* be the best you can buy, but all the tradeoffs must be very astutely balanced: It's so musically resolving with no glaring errors or noticeable compromises, and it tied a $450 Slee Gram Amp 2 SE in one review I read. Given that, I suspect I wouldn't hear an improvement *across the board in all areas* unless I upgraded to a Slee Era Gold at six times the price.

I had to get a better cartridge, line stage and speakers to begin to hear what all the 640P offers in resolution and--just as important--musical balance.