Best Receiver in your opinions for 1000?

Hi Everyone,
I am starting to build my first real system. I have started with a LCR 600 S3 and a pair of DM 604 S3 B&W Speakers. I am not sure on what receivers work the best with the B&W Speakers. I would like to spend right at $1000 for a receiver that has DTS/THX, Dolby Pro Logic and or Dolby Digital I would like at least a 5 channel, 100 watts a channel.

Do you guys have any opinions and or thoughts? I would appreciate any and all of the help and info.

Thanks in advance
I really think you should consider the Denon-3802. It has about 110 watts per channel, DVD-audio capability (6.1 input), room for Zone B speakers, compnent video switching, and the reviewers have been as thrilled by the stereo reproduction of this unit as they were by the home theater capability. I'm using it to drive my Gallo Nucleus 5.1 system right now, and I'm really thrilled. It can be had for about $729 from I bought mine about a month ago, so I think that's the best up-to-date price around (it retails for $1100).
Check out the Yamaha RXV-3000. I think it sounds at least as good as the Denon and has the much better Burr-Brown Dacs.
I threw down my $800 for a Marantz SR 7000 after comparing it to similarly-priced Yamaha and Dennon models. However, the 7000 has now been replaced by the 7200 (I think) which, by all accounts, is packed with a lot more whistles and bells (it might even be a 7 channel dealie) at the expense of its ability to play just plain old music and such. At the time (a year ago?), the Marantz was considered (by many, including me) to be the most musical in the price range, but with the modification to the 7200 there are a lot of folks who have rethought that one (I haven't heard it, so I really couldn't say). One more thing you should definitely consider are the offerings from Outlaw Audio. I didn't get a chance to listen to any of them before I bought the Marantz, but I wish I had. (I should also admit that I listen to 2 channel stuff and my main speakers are always driven by a much fancier, dedicated 2 channel system -- so the Marantz only pulls duty as a processor and to power the rears and center channel. I was stuck with its amp section driving the main speakers for about two weeks while my main amp was at the doctor for a checkup, and, as much as the Marantz does the trick for HT whistles and bells, it was in no way up to the task of making a pair of Thiels go in any respectable manner). Just my two cents.
A few questions.
What is Burr-Brown Dacs?
Are you saying that last years model is a better receiver than this years model in some opinions?
Going to go check out the options now.
Thanks guys I really appreciate the info.