best recording of Diana Krall ?

hello what's the best recording of Diana Krall on CD? Thanks
That depends on your taste. After hearing her live I don't like her CDs anymore - very clinical versus the appearance on stage!
Yet I would recommend "LIVE IN PARIS" and "LOVE SCENES".
Ad "THE LOOK OF LOVE" and you almost have all of her recordings, though.
i saw her in concert last summer and found her poorly miked and was a function of the auditorium...she does put on an awesome show and her muscical skills and musician are just phenomenal
i enjoy most of her albums...indeed they are a bit over produced but the last release is just terrific
I would agree with Aida...her "Live in Paris" is my favorite. I am usually not a big fan of live recordings but this one is terrific with good sonics (for a live recording) and compelling performances.

I also saw her live this summer and unlike Sirjun the acoustics were excellent. She put on a great show and is one of the few performers that sounds as good live as they do in the perfect environment of a recording studio. Her summer tour was basically songs from her latest CD..."The Girl in the other Room".
I guess I have all her digital releases. I think the best sound is on the SACD of "Love Scenes".

My favourite for the songs and the music is on "Steppin' Out" - I don't quite know why I like that one the most.

Her new one is quite a departure but very enjoyable - I have the CD and the SACD, and the Super Audio is certainly very fine.

"Live in Paris" is a good starting point and shows off her very good rapport with the band.