best recording of Diana Krall ?

hello what's the best recording of Diana Krall on CD? Thanks
That depends on your taste. After hearing her live I don't like her CDs anymore - very clinical versus the appearance on stage!
Yet I would recommend "LIVE IN PARIS" and "LOVE SCENES".
Ad "THE LOOK OF LOVE" and you almost have all of her recordings, though.
i saw her in concert last summer and found her poorly miked and was a function of the auditorium...she does put on an awesome show and her muscical skills and musician are just phenomenal
i enjoy most of her albums...indeed they are a bit over produced but the last release is just terrific
I would agree with Aida...her "Live in Paris" is my favorite. I am usually not a big fan of live recordings but this one is terrific with good sonics (for a live recording) and compelling performances.

I also saw her live this summer and unlike Sirjun the acoustics were excellent. She put on a great show and is one of the few performers that sounds as good live as they do in the perfect environment of a recording studio. Her summer tour was basically songs from her latest CD..."The Girl in the other Room".
I guess I have all her digital releases. I think the best sound is on the SACD of "Love Scenes".

My favourite for the songs and the music is on "Steppin' Out" - I don't quite know why I like that one the most.

Her new one is quite a departure but very enjoyable - I have the CD and the SACD, and the Super Audio is certainly very fine.

"Live in Paris" is a good starting point and shows off her very good rapport with the band.

I believe I have all of her redbook CD's, and I listen to "Live in Paris"(no not the Rick Salomon version :) most frequently. I tend to really enjoy live recordings and am not a HUGE fan of Diana Krall, I do enjoy her music and appreciate her skills as a musician, however I don't find that I am compelled to listen to her often.
She used to play in every Vancouver Jazz Festival in a medium sized venue where is is hardly miked or amplified. These days, I think she plays mostly in huge venues. Her last concert in Vancouver was at GM Place (so not a good place for the intimate music that is on her latest recording). The audience never gets enough of her though since she's a local darling who always puts on a good show everytime out.
Love Scenes, the first one I heard from her and played more frequently than any of the others.
I relistened to "love seens" and would probably have to concede to Zargon and others and change my vote to that rather than "live in Paris". Although, "live in Paris" is the one I listen to the most, because it is a great concert.

I just got love scenes, it is pretty good, excellent recording. I also like girl in the other room as well (temptation).
Well I actually like her early recordings the most since they're more "Jazz" and having Christian McBride alone makes it worthwhile. I like "Only Trust Your Heart" since the music is good and the addition of Stanley Turrentine really fills up the spaces. I don't like the music in "Love Scenes" too much, but again there's Christian McBride.

Early recordings of Diana Krall simply have a better band.
Hi Mejames,

What is your plan w.r.t. DK's music on a CD?I ask to know whether you want to sit there & analyse the music or you want to enjoy the music.

I've listened to most all her works but own only a few CDs that, IMHO, are her best MUSIC & I accept the recording as-is 'cuz the music interests me far more (screw the recording if the music is a drag to listen to!).
One of her better recordings is "Love Scenes" but the music gets very boring very quickly. The missing drums hits me as loudly as a jet taking off! I have to program the CDP to play even or odd or skip every 2 tracks or something like that to get thru this CD. I use the 1st 45 seconds of track 11 very often to test a system's bass response. Better systems show-off the distinct plucking of the stand-up bass strings very easily & rooms treated correctly do not show any bass overhang as the bass notes in the 1st 45 seconds occur rapidly & do not give the system much rest time at all.

AFAIK, Metralla & Howie hit the nail on the head: her older recordings have a far superior band than some of her later recordings.
IMHO, the biggest POS CD is "Live in Paris" - I couldn't get past the 1st 2 tracks. Such lack-luster singing! Pathetic!

The music in "Stepping Out" & "When I Look In Your Eyes" is the best, IMHO. Her band in both CDs is fantastic with John Clayton on bass, Jeff Hamilton on drums & Russ Malone on guitar. Some really good Jazz on "Stepping Out". Get the re-mastered version of this CD.

Music is a very personal choice so what I like, you might not.
Thus, all you other DK fans, don't take my word personally as they are simply "my opinions". Thanks!
bombaywalla is for both purposes actually equipment evaluation and musical enjoyment.