Best Schumann recordings

I just heard a couple live performances of some of Schumann's works, and let's just say that I'm hooked. What do you think are the best CD recordings for the following (or more if you can suggest them):

Schumann's cello concerto, piano concerto, and Symphonies #2 and 4?


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My preferred performances (mostly recent recordings, all available on CD): Cello -- P Fournier/Orch Suisse Romande/Fricsay (Cascavelle)
Piano: S. Richter/Warsaw Phil. Orch/ W. Rowicki (DG) -- OR -- Solomon/Philarmonia Orch./ H Menges (EMI) -- OR -- A. B-Michelangeli/Warsaw Phil./W. Rowicki (Melodram 2cds, NOT the "official" Teldec recording)
Try the violin concerto too: H Szeryng/can't remember the orch/A. Dorati (mercury). Another nice version is with T. Zehetmair (v) on Teldec -- but I can't remember the other players...

I'm not knowledgeable symphonies side -- I like the Bernstein/NY Phil. Orch (Sony cd) of the 4 symphonies.
For CD performances of all 4 symphonies hard to go wrong with recent Gardiner/Archiv set, performance and sound quality both great here. For a good older set the Sawallisch/EMI has been remastered and released as part of "great recordings of the century" EMI series, these are still great performances by any standard.

For Piano concerto start with Kovacevich/Phillips set coupled with equally great performance of Grieg piano concerto. This has been remastered and released as part of Phillips "50 greatest" series, Colin Davis conducting.
i agree with Gregm on the symphonies by Bernstein, i find that his performances are anything but routine and are more exciting than any others i have heard. this may or may not be "musically correct", but then Lenny rarely was. i have had a hard time finding other Schumann symphonies that i really enjoy(and i own most), as i found them somewhat lifeless/dull. Megasam's recommendations are the prevailing common wisdom. But be sure to listen to Gardiner before you consider buying it, it is that much different in presentation. I agree with Megasam's recommendation on the Piano concerto. i don't know the cello concerto well enough to make a recommendation.

However, if you like schumann, don't overlook the best part of his music! that is his music for solo piano. I would suggest if your interested that you start with his Fantasia in C, Op 17. enjoy....