Best Sound Track Ever Vote for One

Just like the potato chip ad lets see how many

suggest several. If they are good and not already

mentioned you will be forgiven.


There are a lot of good suggestions here, but @re-lar-kvothe has it right.


Best all-time movie soundtrack album is from The Blue Brothers. Can’t beat "Minnie the Moocher."

2001 for existing music.


Gone with the Wind or North by Northwest for original score.

@russbutton What a great call on that tune, Mini The Moocher

By Cab Calloway from Rochester NY, a few miles from me. 

"The Hot Spot", an interesting soundtrack featuring Miles Davis and John Lee Hooker. The movie itself (with Don Johnson) was mediocre. Music is redolent of the 1957 soundtrack to "Ascenseur pour l'échafaud" (also highly recommended).