Best speaker cables for Thiel CS2.4 speakers

I talked to a rep from the Cable Company,he said that Thiel speakers like high capacitance speaker cables. Is this true and if it is,are there any suggestins from the Audiogon Gang, I am will to spend around 500 to 600 for a good pair from a Audiogon member
Cardas speaker cables are a nice match for the Thiel's the higher up the better.
I had a pair of 2.3's a few years back. I ran Alpha Core M1 Centerstages. (copper cable) I also tried Quicksilver's Silver 4'cables from my then M80 Monoblocks. All of which sounded fair, but not great, and I never did find the best cable for them before I sold them. Currently I use Ridge Street Audio Poiema!'s. I wish I had this cable then to put on my Thiel's, as I think they would have been excellent (Just my opinion) I can recommend them without hestiation.
I just ordered a pair of 2.4s today. The salesman suggested Cardas Neutral Refernce. I was wondering what you finally went with Fatman.

Does anyone else out there have any other suggestions? I will be driving these with a Levinson 27.5.
I tried Cardas Neutral on mine and they sounded 'dead'. After several cables, including Poiema, which were pretty good, I have settled on Luminous Audio Synchestra Signature.
I'm using Audience AU24 with my 2.4's, on recommendation from Redkiwi if I recall correctly. Damn you, Red, now I'm going to have to try those Luminous. :-)

I also used Nordost Valhalla briefly and to great effect. The Audience are excellent, however, and well within your price range if you can find a used pair.

"Thiel speakers like high capacitance cables" sounds like sloppy thinking and bad advice to me.
You are too kind Trelja. I have been away for a while haven't I. It is great to see some of the 'old' crowd still here, it really is. I had a bad couple of years with my 11 year old daughter having a brain tumor, so lost interest in so much of life for a time. But she is nearly fully recovered so I am working hard on going back to some old habits and get back into things.

Oops, Drubin. The Audience are so wonderfully naturally balanced a cable, that I don't think you need to fret. The only reason I would move away from the Audience is if the system is lacking a bit of immediacy. Which I think unlikely given the 2.4s and the Model 201s that I think you have. By the way I have Model 201s too. The Audience cables are nicely lively but can sound as if the very leading edge of fast transients is slightly blunted in some systems. I moved on from them for that reason but must say the real culprit was my DAC, and I have since changed it, but had sold the Audience on.

The Luminous are very wide open and lightning fast without being wiry or bright, with fast powerful bass. Beware that during break in the upper mids are very hard and unmusical.
After trying a few cables from the cable company,here is the list
1. Acoustic Zen Satori
2. Audience Au24
3. Goertz MI3
4. Synergistic Research Signature 10 X2

IMHO the Signature 10 won the contest,with the Goertz and Audience not far behind,I personally did not care for the Acoustic Zen.I purchased a used pair of Signature Tens from a audiogon member.
My setup is a Simaudio Moon I5,Simaudio Moon Nova CD player and the Thiel 2.4 Speakers. Now looking for a good interconnect between the source and amp,currently using Kimber Silver Streak,asking for recommendations,anyone
A friend of mine using harmonich tehchnology magic tweeter speaker cable. Wonderful sound.
i am currently using ht pro-silways II and pro-9 on my thiel 2.3's sounds awsome i like the pro-9 better than the transparent ref cables.

sony scd-1, pass labs x350-x2, thiel 2.3's. audience power chords. john risch diy acousic panels and bass traps.

hope this helps
The Thiel's are internally wired with Straight Wire.
Have you contacted them for suggestions
I second the HT pro silways for Thiels. I run prosilway 9s for my CS6s connected to a Krell 400cx and all is bliss.
I just switched to all TMC cabling. I made this switch from all MIT gear. ALl of the mit were mi330 ic's and speakers were T-2.

The TMC is a third of the price and I am much more satisfied with the sound.