Best speakers for hi-def music in home office

Hi all,

I want to downsize. I currently have the following setup in my home office:

  • McIntosh D1100
  • McIntosh MC452
  • Focal Sopra 1
  • REL sub
  • Source is Mac Pro digital out
I'm looking to downsize to a more modest setup. I'm looking to keep the REL, but sell everything else.

Can anyone recommend to me maybe an all-in-one setup? I want to connect it to my Mac Pro digital output. I'm OK having separate speakers, and a combined amp and pre.

Looking to stay under $2,000 total.
You could go with a pair of KEF LS50 wireless speakers which would replace you main speakers, amp and pre-amp. They have DSP which allows you to configure them for desktop placement, near/far from walls, etc. According to the reviews I've read, the DSP is very effective for setting up various different placement options.
I replaced my small office setup with Vanatoo Transparent Zero.  Small enough to easily sit on the desk. Highly recommended.  They also have the slightly larger Transparent One Encore.
You can get amazing sound with the Naim Atom, see the thread about a guy who replaced a big really expensive system with the Atom.

Then there is the Micromega M100 which is fantastic, a bit more expensive but more power with a room control option.

The ATC SCM 19 are amazing compact monitors they image like crazy and are sealed cabinets, they go low enough to be impressive but not too low to overload a room.

Please PM us if we can be of assistance we sell a large number of great all in ones, Hegel, Naim, Micromega, NAD, as well as lot of great monitors at all different price ranges: Quad, ATC, Paradigm, Kef, Cabasse, and a few others.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ 
Does the REL have an internal amp?
Regardless, There is a Rogue Audio Sphinx v2 integrated on Audiogon now for $950. These units have " Tube driven active outputs for subwoofer" . Add a modestly priced DAC (like a piece of Schiit) and you still got 8 or $900 for Speaker choice.   Then after time you gots the flexibility tube roll and upgrade the DAC as DSP technology progresses.
without question a great dac the new Lampizator Amber 3 vacuum tube dac 
see enjoy the music .com review
5 stars across the board in sonics.
i own one and sold my muc( more expensive SS dac . And with tubes you can Taylor the sound to your taste.