Best spikes for speakers


I am working on dialing in my Consonance Eric Grand 3 way floorstanding speakers and want to improve their existing spikes. I am looking at all options. I am really thinking about Audiopoints from Star Sound Technologies or one of the offerings from Mapleshade.

I hope to have a more stable speaker and improve the sound at the same time. I really like the design that Coincident Loudspeaker has designed but am looking for help here. The room has carpet over wood floors.

Please let me know if you can help out. I appreciate it as always.

Happy Holidays and have a safe new year!
I have been looking at the Soundcare SuperSpike.
They look very interesting.
Just a thought?
>>All the spikes sounds the same imho, waste of money<<

Could you please list all the speakers and brands of spikes you've compared in your listening room for us?

Maybe you're on to something.
If All the spikes sounds the same to you and are a waste of money then this thread really doesn't pertain to you does it.
Maybe you should Move on,unless you want to tell us all the spikes you have tried.
don't expect the world to change with more spikes...just find the prettiest and buy 'em
I'm a professionnal hifi seller.
I heard a lot of different spikes (GoldMund, Sommercable, Real cable, Sound anchor, Soundcare and generic brands etc...) under a lot of different speakers and components...
All the metal spikes sounds the same... but everyone is free to waste his money.
I didn't know you were a professional hifier. That changes everything,My mistake.
It doesn't change everything for sure but i have the time and possibility to listen to a lot of products and i only speak about things i have experienced.
You are free to spend your dollars where you want, i am free to say that imho differences between metal spikes do not exist.

Here is some information from a company who would definitely argue the Point.

I love mine and they made a very nice difference in the sound of my 804s, and made the speakers incredibly stable.
Irish65 I have applied direct coupling techniques to acoustic instruments resulting in an increase in output of 1.5db or 50%..The Point works in all things acoustic whether it be from the original source or the reproductive device. Power to the Point, and proper use of geometry and material. Tom