Best turntable for the buck

I now amazingly find that my analog system has fallen behind my digital system in  SQ and I want to investigate how to improve it. 
Currently I have a heavily modified Rega RP3 turntable, with two power supplies, a new platter, sub-platter and other internal enhancements. My cartridge is the Clearaudio Virtuoso.
Not that it’s bad, but I want to look for  something that will significantly improve the sound of my current setup. 
Will about a 4K investment do that?


My dealer is trying to talk me into a VPI turntable (of course because he doesn’t carry Technics, although he can get it.)
Anybody have any love for VPI?

+1 for George Merrill's Super Poly 

Table with a MC Cartridge & Ron Sutherland's

Phono Loco and you won't look back.

As mentioned,  the Well Tempered & Sota

Star Sapphire are great tables. Setup is always key. 

Best of luck.

Thorens TD 140, well made, solid, a classic, and when you come to your senses and go digital you’ll get your money back.