Best upbeat jazz/progressive jazz/new age CD?

Discovered a great CD called LIME PIE from someone on this site several months back. Took it to Rockymtn Audiofest and whatever room it was played in, the other listeners came up to me after for the title. Republicizing it here for those interested (faves are tracks 1,2,7, but all are good)

My system is finally mostly together and I am looking for more GREAT MUSIC to really show it off - the type of music where you can't get the tunes out of your head, nor your toes to stop tapping. Have plenty of "slow stuff" - looking for music that "cooks" and is VERY well recorded.

Ever heard "The Return of the Brecker Brothers" early 90's.. one of my favorite "cooking" hot jazz fusion.
Or how about Spyro Gyro's "Fast Forward"... one of their best.
Various artists on.."Miami Jam"
I personally NEVER get tired of these classics:
Weather Report "Heavy Weather"
Stanley Clarke "School Days"
Return to Forever "Romantic Warrior"
Joe Sample "Rainbow Seeker"
All memorable tunes, all well recorded.
Thanks for the response so far - I'm sure there are others of you out there that would also like to share some favorites?
I would give a nod for a couple Al di Meola recordings, one new and one old.

Al di Moela " Flesh on flesh " a newer Telarc disc that is very well recorded and sounds great on a nice system.

Al di Meola/John McLaughlin/Paco De Lucia " Friday night in San Francisco " on redbook or SACD this disc has it goin on, if your system doesn't sound good with this disc then it never will !!!

hello everyone,

I need help here. I'm searching for paid music downloads sites that have new age songs from i.e. ENIGMA, ERA, TWO STEPS FROM HELL, DARK FOREST etc.. I usually listen to epic trailer music of soundtracks, usually by Hanz Zimmer, Thomas Bergerson, John Berry, etc..  but I have google many places (HDtracks, Junodownload, Soundcloud etc) and none seems to have these group/artists. I'm not considering MP3, WMA , so minimum quality should be WAV, AIFF or FLAC.  

anyone know of such paid download sites? Thanks in advance!


In the same realm as eddinanm3, the studio album "Passion, Grace and Fire" by the dm/Mc/DeL  trio sounds superb.

"The Inner Mounting Flame" (Mahavishnu Orchestra) is recorded well enough and is an awesome mix of rock, funk and Indian sounds.  BTW, crank it up--this band raised the bar for live performance dB levels.  This is the album and the band that really got the whole 70's fusion movement going.
Passion Grace& Fire is an absolute acoustic guitar masterpiece. Digital recording but sounds quite good. I have it on Japanese pro vinyl, that's the best you can get it.
Inner Mounting Flame is to me the very best jazz/rock fusion album there is. Again, sounds best on Japanese record.
Visions Of The Emerald Beyond by John McLaughlin's Mahavishnu Orchestra is great too.
Cielo e Terra by Al di Meola is a unique acoustic guitar album - mesmerizing enigmatic mindscapes. Sounds good even on cd, record is much better of course. Analog recording and mastering.