Best vinyl purchases based on pressing, studio production, sound quality and enjoyment.

As you all know this question has been asked a million times on a million sites BUT each time it’s asked, it can be very helpful to those trying to find great vinyl that is quiet, produced well and touches the heart each time it’s played.

I’ve only been into vinyl for 6 months now and have purchased 250 albums, 99 percent new, recent pressings, reissues. So within the last year, what are 10 of your favorite album purchases based on pressing, studio production, sound quality and pure enjoyment??? Here’s my top 20:

1. The Wonderful Sounds of Female Vocals. (Various artists, 200 gram QRP)
2. Willie Nelson- To all the Girls (Various artists 180 gram Legacy)
3. Dead Can Dance- Into the Labyrinth (180 gram Mobile Fidelity reissue)
4. Rickie Lee Jones- Rickie Lee Jones (180 HQ Pressing Warner Bros reissue)
5. Stevie Ray Vaughn- The Sky is Cryin (200 gram Analogue productions 45rpm reissue)
6. Pink Floyd- Dark Side of the Moon (2016 reissue)
7. Renee Flemming- The Beautiful Voice (Decca 20th anniversary gatefold)
8. Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong- Ella and Louis (Analogue productions Mono reissue)
9. Eva Cassidy- Nightbird (Blix Street Records 180 gram)
10. Doors- All the new reissue 45’s from Analogue Productions, 200 gram
11. Cash- The Man Comes Around (American Records, QRP, 180 gram)
12. Shelby Lynne- Just a Little Lovin (QRP, Analogue Productions, 45 rpm, 200 gram)
13. Vanessa Fernandez- When the Levee Breaks (Groove Note, 45 rpm, 180 gram)
14. Nils Lofgren- Acoustic Live (Analogue Productions, QRP, 200 gram)
15. Neil Young- Live at Massey Hall (Reprise, 180 gram reissue)
16. Tony Bennett- I Wanna Be Around (Mobile Fidelity, 180 gram reissue)
17. Linda Ronstadt- What’s New (Analogue Productions, QRP, 200 gram, reissue)
18. Cat Stevens- Tea for the Tillerman (Analogue Productions, QRP, 200 gram reissue)
19. Muddy Waters- Folk Singer (Analogue Productions, QRP, 200 gram reissue)
20. Fleetwood Mac- Tango in the Night (Rhino, 180 gram, 2017 reissue)

Ps: You can go beyond 1 year if needed.

Amanda Shires "My Piece of Land" /domestic
Nicole Atkins  "Neptune City"  MOV
Chris Whitley  "Living With the Law"  MOV
Counting Crows  "August & Everything After"  45rpm/APO
The Cranberries  "Everybody Else is Doing it...."  Analog Spark
Emmylou Harris  "Wrecking Ball"  deluxe edition/3lp
Yes "The Yes Album"  Friday Music/45rpm
Uncle Tupelo "March 16-20 1992" Sony/Legacy
Neil Young "Harvest Moon"  latest remaster/dbl/lp
Buddy Holly  "S/T"  Japanese 30th Ann./Coral
Grateful Dead / Reckoning / 1st Pressing
Magnolia Electric Company / What Comes After The Blues / SC
The Mothers / The Grand Wazoo / 1st Pressing
Slint / Spiderland / Latest Remaster
Cubist Blues / LITA 126
Low / Drums & Guns / SP736
Robert Hunter / Tiger Rose / 1st Pressing
Song: OHIA / Ghost Tropic / SC40
Bardo Pond / Dilate / 1st Pressing
Stone Jack Jones / Love & Torture / 1st Pressing
I'm going to look into these artists @boxer12 as I've only heard of the Dead from your list. 

Fleetwood Mac - original pressing
Bruce Cockburn Waiting for a Miracle - import
Herb Albert The Beat of the Brass - Original
Rachmaninoff 3rd Symphony and Easter Overture - Classic Reissue
Sir Adrian Boult Concert Favorites Chesky 180 Gram
Pink Floyd The Wall original US is good
Black Sabbath Master of Reality-2nd press US
RCA Gala Wilkinson recording - Classic reissue
Delibes Sylvia - Original London

Some I share with guests on a regular basis are:

1. Sade- Best of Sade (Sony Legacy, 2016 reissue)
2. Eric Clapton- Unplugged (Reprise, 180 gram)
3. Natalie Merchant- Paradise is there (Nonesuch, 180 gram)
4. Johnny Cash- Solitary Man (U.K.pressing, Camera Records, 180 gram)
5. Otis Redding- Otis Blue (Analogue Productions, 45 rpms, QRP, 200 gram reissue)
6. Nina Simone- Little Girl Blue (Analogue Productions, QRP 200 gram reissue)
7. Jacqueline Du Pre- Elgar: Cello Concerto/Sea Pictures (Warner Classics)
8. Anne Bison- Blue Mind (Fidelio Audio, 180 gram)
9. Whitney Houston- Whitney Houston (Arista, 1985)
10. Rickie Lee Jones- Traffic from Paradise (Analogue Productions, QRP, 200 gram)

@chakster There's 30! 
Johnny Cash at San Quentin Mono Great raw performance.
Julian Bream Guitar Concertos RCA Red Dog original
Elvis Presley Xmas Album original press
Carmen Living Stereo - Soria Series original Shaded Dog
Readers Digest Treasury of Light Classical music (Stereophonic) sound original
Casino Royale - original LP
Led Zeppelin Presence Classic Reissue
David Bowie Lets Dance Original LP
Dire Straits Communique
Dire Straits - original LP
Faust and Carmen Suite- Wilkinson RCA/Decca recording Classic reissue

Some stand outs for me, but will give this more thought....
Nick Drake: Pink Moon. UM 2009
The Cars:  S/T Red Label STERLING
Fleetwood Mac: S/T KENDUN (Ken Duncan) 75
Dire Straits: Love Over Gold. STERLING
Buckingham/Nicks:  Sterling US (beat my Quality CAN label)
The Doors: Strange Days US Gold label early pressing
Grateful Dead: American Beauty (Warner- GREEN label)
Leonard Cohen: Popular Problems 
+1 on above.... Neil Young: Massey Hall!!!

I agree, Neil's Massy Hall would have been on my list as well if not previously mentioned. As would Uncle  Tupelo "March 16-20 1992". Both classic performances by GREAT musicians.    
Gillian Welch and David Rawlings' "The Harrow and the Harvest" and "Soul Journey". 
These represent one of the few instances in which the artists themselves saw to it that analogue was used at every step and that the mastering and pressing were done to their high standards. 
Johnny Cash at San Quentin is a great piece of History! @tzh21y 
Gillian Welch- The Harrow and the Harvest, I have this one. Quite good! @fsonicsmith 
The Wall Us and Japanese pressings were very good
Would love to see someones top ten in classical vinyl with pressing, studio, gram info attached so I can find them. Classical is hardest for me to know which record is enjoyable and sounds good too. 
If I had to pick just one favorite so far in my short stint with vinyl would be 
The Wonderful Sounds of Female Vocals. (Various artists, 200 gram QRP) 

It's so much fun to play. Each artist at their best, beautifully mastered and pressed. Also Willie Nelson's "To all the Girls."
My collection so far is composted of really great sounding records but there’s a lot of vinyl I just haven’t been able to get decent pressings or good masterings of? I don’t own hardly any originals pressings.  I’ve got nice Floyd The Wall Japanese and Us first press, 89 Madonna Like a Prayer, 84 Prince Purple Rain, 1991 Stevie Ray Vaughan Sky is Cryin, 1982 Michael Jackson Thriller, 2005 Led Zeppelin S/T, and a few others, but mostly new  or reissues.

I bought some real stinkers early that were 1st pressings and just weren’t good, but I know that’s not the case with a lot of the older stuff, just the ones I picked. Blonde, Bruce Springsteen, John Cougar, to name a few. If If I can get a recommendation or see a review, I’m more apt to buy it so it doesn’t sit and collect dust like the Eagles Greatest Hits reissue I just bought. I know, reviews weren’t good or nonexistant, just wanted it and for $20 bucks, thought what the hell. It’s terrible.

So I appreciate any lists that people recommend as it helps me a newbee to vinyl, collect records that not only sound great but are very enjoyable and bring a smile to my face each time I hear them.

Great Lists so far Everyone. Keep em comin!!!
Run, don’t walk, to buy a copy of Brian Davison’s every which way on Mercury. Pay for a M- copy (you should be able to find it on Discogs for around $30). Sounds like early Traffic, hard rock, blues shouter, jazz motifs, excellent music, first rate recording.
Other records I’d recommend for music that are decent recordings:
Blast Furnace- S/T (Danish reissue from a couple years ago)
Lucifer’s Friend S/T- German Philips (don’t bother with the reissue)
Herbie Hancock- Crossings - the Speakers Corner reissue from a year or so ago;
If you like spiritual jazz, virtually any of the Pure Pleasure re-do’s of the Strata East catalog;
Gil Scott Heron, Winter in America- Strata East (one of the more ubiquitous Strata East records that still doesn’t cost an arm and a leg- great soulful funk/jazz spoken word poetry);
Opeth- Damnation, from the reissued twofer of Deliverance/Damnation (the lyrical, melodic side of Opeth);
Sabbath- Heaven and Hell (Dutch Vertigo- dramatically better than either the US or UK pressings)
John Martyn- Solid Air (UK Island pink rim)
Chris Whitley- National Steel (US promo version of Living with the Law, fewer tracks, better sound- if you want Living with the Law, buy the original Columbia, not the Music on Vinyl version).
King Crimson Toronto 2016- live recording, very close approximation of the band as currently configured, extremely well recorded.
Have fun.

wow whart, Brian Davidson! I haven't thought of him in years. I saw him live when The Nice came to San Francisco in '68. For those who don't know, The Nice was the group Keith Emerson was in before ELP, and I kinda liked their first album at the time of it's release.
Gaite Parisienne Offenbach Boston Pops - Classic Reissue
Byron Janis/Fritz Reiner Liszt Todtentanz Rachmaninoff Concerto No 1 Classic Reissue
The Reiner Sound - Classic Reissue
The Pines of Rome - Original Shaded Dog
Italian Pleasures - Sheffield labs
Moscow Sessions -Sheffield Labs
Petrouchka Stravinsky - Chesky Reissue
Solti The Planets - London Original
Guantanamera - The Sandpipers Original
The blue note reissues from Music Matters are quite good if you like Jazz.
The Classic reissues are probably not as easy to find some of them as they are out of business but Analogue Productions has reissued most if not all and they are probably as good if not better than the Classics.
Excellent @tzh21y  Thanks for the suggestions. I'll look into the Analogue Production reissues. I've had great luck with them so far. 

@whart  that's quite a list! Thanks for chiming in. 
knollbrent, great thread.  I just bought the Eva Cassidy album a month ago. Not sure how many times I've played it since. A bunch. Unbelievable.

John Hiatt: Bring The Family; Mobile Fidelity.

T Bone Burnett: Truth Decay; Takoma Records (Chrysalis Records pressing, NOT the Allegiance Records one).

Stevie Wonder: Taking Book; Tamla

Muddy Waters: Folk Singer; Mobile Fidelity.

Richard & Linda Thompson: Shoot Out The Lights; Hannibal.

Ry Cooder & V.M. Bhatt: A Meeting By The River; Water Lily

Arturo Delmoni: Bach, Kreisler, Ysaye; Water Lily.

Aw Hell, all Water Lily titles!

Any Harmonia Mundi (U.S.A. or France) release of Baroque music.

Any of the Trevor Pinnock harpsichord recordings on U.K. label CRD.

Dear friends: I own hundreds of extreme high quality LP recordings, these ones are some of them:

Elio Villafranca with CH.Flores: 16 eyes records label.
Demostration  Reference Disc: top Music Int/Delos International labels.
Jheena Lodwick ( All my loving. ): The Music Lab label.
Mary Stallings ( Fine and Mellow ).: Clarity recordings label.
Hugh Masekela ( Hope. ): Analog Productions label.
Keit Jarret ( Köln Concert).: ECM Records.
Chie Ayado ( Prayer ).: East House Records
Youn Sun Nah ( Same Girl ).: Act Music.
Cristine Collister ( Love. ).: Rega Research Limited
He Xun Tian ( Paramita ).: WindMusic label.
Tsuyoshi Yamamoto ( autumn in Seatle. ).: First Impresion Music.

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,
To all: 

I was hoping this thread would get some traction, because for a new guy, it can be hard to find well mastered, excellent pressed vinyl from an artist that really cares about their music. 

Welcome @rauliruegas  good to see you here. I have none of your music and that excites me. I'll research them and grab a few where avail.

@bdp24  I've got Ry Cooders "Chicken Skin Music." It's a fun listen. I'll check out   Ry Cooder & V.M. Bhatt: A Meeting By The River; Water Lily

@builder3 Thanks for chiming in. A lot a great music being listed. I'm listening to Eva at the moment and she's amazin!

Dear @knollbrent : Maybe is better to list the labels that the 95% of its catalog is a winner.

While many if not most of the LPs suggested hit the OPs request I worry that thread such as this miss the real value of LP reproduction -- the ability to dig into over 60 years of history at frankly minimal cost and to uncover discs you had never heard of -- instead of relentlessly poring over the same old warhorses

For example where I live in Portland OR there are two great sources of new finds -- for re-relesases I browse the bins at Floating World comics and unearth such gems as - the original is super pricey unobtainium

A few miles North in St Johns there’s Vinyl Resting Place with a great selection of the folk I like -- on a recent visit for $80 I got 15 records including such tough (but rewarding) listens as

And odd balls like this, which is a Jethro Tull album in all but name

My point is not to select these discs as anything special (although they each present real music in an honest fashion) but to encourage the OP to visit his local record store and pick out things that look fun or interesting and give them a try -- if you find something you like you can then start the search for the best pressing if that’s what you’re after but a good system should find the positives in any recording, not just the ones that have the TAS Super List imprimatur

ps If you want other suggestions here’s my collection (and yes it does include lots of certified Audiofool approved reissues!)
Great post and advice folkfreak! For the price of one new audiophile reissue , one can buy a whole stack of original pressings of music new to one. Life is short, live a little!

Philips  Chopin  Arrau plays nocturnes 2LP box edition.Bought used in country market Provance France ...price..2EUR Mint

Edith Piaf in Carnagie Hall 1957. EMI reissue 1978. Lyon France price 1EUR

One night in blue note preserved set of 4lp bought in Tel Aviv flea market

price 5usd.

Just shoping was great. listening pure nirvana.......

"The Wonderful Sounds of Female Vocals. (Various artists, 200 gram QRP"
Thanks for the tip.Anything by Kevin Grey and QRP is likely to be very very good.So I grabbed a copy off Amazon.Analogue Productions has the best LP packaging out there, but Amazon shipping is a lot less. Gonna roll the dice it arrives in good shape.

@leotis You're gonna love it!

Thank you very much @rauliruegas  !

@folkfreak  What local record shops would you suggest I visit in Miami Florida??? Also, you didn't list your top ten :)
Thank you everyone for contributing. Never during this thread did I say these purchases need to be new or reissues. I've stated my difficulty finding music I'm familiar with that is well mastered and is quiet. Superior artistic flavor. 

I live in Miami. There are no used record stores here. New material has been what I mainly buy and have no problem with that. I also don't mind spending a little more for audiophile listings. 

Just received these beauties today:

1. Shelby Lynne- Just a little Lovin (Analogue Productions, QRP, 45 rpm, 200 gram)   Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Dean Martin- Dream with Dean (Analogue Productions, QRP, 45 rpm, 200 gram) Wonderful!!!!!!

3. Fiona Boyes- Professin the Blues (Reference Recordings, QRP, 45 rpm, 200 gram) Never heard her before, wonderful. 

4. Cassandra Wilson- Blue Moon Daughter (Pure Pleasure Records Blue Note, 180 gram)

Keep em comin!!!

@tzh21y  just ordered:

Dire Straits- Love over Gold
Faust and Carmen
I've got the Julian Bream. Excellent suggestions!

@knollbrent as you asked

Here’s a good sense of what I like listening too -- some of these LPs are rare and expensive in the original versions but one of the great benefits of services like Spotify is that you can sample say the Heron and decide if it’s your cup of tea before pursuing the chase for an original

Spillane Atlantic Bridge btw is a blockbuster recording and a Fremer favorite. The Tara is slightly better than the Cooking Vinyl, but both are good.

In terms of more recent material that is on my go to test list you need to own at least one copy of Janis Ian’s "Breaking Silence". The copy to own is the original numbered AP 33 pressing which to my ears beats the newer 45RPM (although the latter is still very good)

Also have on hand a copy of Joni’s Blue -- this one is fine, although a clean original US or UK is also great and one should always keep an original as reference.

Finally if I was in Miami I would be hightailing it to this store which seems to have a very interesting selection


That’s hilarious @folkfreak  I didn’t even know that store existed! Over the years, all the local record stores here in Miami shut down, this was before I was even interested in vinyl so I assumed there weren’t any left! I’ll check this one out for sure.

Thanks for the record suggestions too. I’ve got that copy of Joni’s Blue and it’s fantastic. Janis Ian’s too, wonderful delivery.

I appreciate you chiming in. I enjoy seeing what others listen too. I listen to a lot on Tidal first before buying just to make sure.

I’m totally excited about visiting that record store. Going tomorrow if they’re open!
I will try to give you a honest view to your question,I know that I've not wasted my and time in my search for the very best available pressing to which I have purchased in the past for my analog world .For years, my quest to find the holy grail has slipped by me while I was watching, But not completely...Well here are some in my collection....Al Stewart 1976 MFSL Lp Vinyl Mobile Fidelity Pressing of the Year of the Cat,  A Tchaikovsky Spectacular - Vinyl- Mobile Fidelity MFSL 1 502 , Days of future past by the Moody Blues MFSL . Aja MFSL   Dark side MFSL  Led  Zepplin II  to Poco  all  MFSL Pressing by JVC from Japan and later in the States . I  really can say for me ,that the sound is the best Ear Candy Ever ! Bar None in my limited opinion...  Yet MFSL Lp.s,are the Best if your looking for the Best !!!! Yes they all are very pricey and more over, Super Hard to find in Mint Condition, or any Near Mint Condition due to the age of these pressings for that matter !. I do have more to mention but these are the one's off the top of my head... Besides the Box sets MFSL limited runs...  The Beatles ,The Doors .The Rolling Stones To Frank Sinatra ! Yes if you venture into this world  be patient and wise and if you see it get it.... It will not come easy, they are very hard to find...So Good Luck in your quest to find your Holy Grail  ! ! !
@knollbrent -- at the risk of sounding snarky (i'm not), try to venture beyond the audiophile approved stuff.  Sure, it sounds good, but there's a lot more to music than the stuff that gets released by the small handful of labels that release (and re-release) the warhorses. Much interesting music never gets reissued or is reissued by non-audiophile labels because it doesn't have a guaranteed market. 
I hit a point some years ago where I realized that I had thousands of records that I bought over the years that were sonically impressive, but left me unmoved, musically. Once I started to search out music beyond the "safe" choices covered by the audiophile press, I learned much more about my taste and the music itself. Then you can dig down for the best sonic examples of the particular recordings you like-- in many cases, it won't be an all analog remaster done by Bernie or Kevin, but there's an awful lot of music beyond the tried and true audiophile approved playlists. 
@whart So why did you risk being snarky? This thread is NOT about new, reissued music released by a warhorse (not exactly sure what a horse has to do with this thread )  As stated in the opening post, this thread is outlet for people to share/recommend some music that's well produced, fun, alive and well pressed. For someone like me that's new to vinyl, recent releases and reissues are what makes up the bulk of my collection.  These records have great reviews and when played 95% of the time, are wonderful, a real joy to listen to. 

You probably missed my earlier comment:

My collection so far is composted of really great sounding records but there’s a lot of vinyl I just haven’t been able to get decent pressings or good masterings of? I don’t own hardly any originals pressings. I’ve got nice Floyd The Wall Japanese and Us first press, 89 Madonna Like a Prayer, 84 Prince Purple Rain, 1991 Stevie Ray Vaughan Sky is Cryin, 1982 Michael Jackson Thriller, 2005 Led Zeppelin S/T, and a few others, but mostly new or reissues.

I bought some real stinkers early that were 1st pressings and just weren’t good, but I know that’s not the case with a lot of the older stuff, just the ones I picked. Blonde, Bruce Springsteen, John Cougar, to name a few. If If I can get a recommendation or see a review, I’m more apt to buy it so it doesn’t sit and collect dust like the Eagles Greatest Hits reissue I just bought. I know, reviews weren’t good or nonexistant, just wanted it and for $20 bucks, thought what the hell. It’s terrible.

So I appreciate any lists that people recommend as it helps me a newbee to vinyl, collect records that not only sound great but are very enjoyable and bring a smile to my face each time I hear them.

Whart I don't care if it's brand new or old as hell, it just needs to play well and be fun to listen too. You made some great recommendations above. Got any more???

Keep those lists comin! We've got quite a thread here!!!

Ps: Great listings @aardbear 

@slaw  Just ordered  Chris Whitley "Living With the Law" MOV 

@bdp24  looking for this one as well   John Hiatt: Bring The Family

@fjn04  just received a fresh copy of Strange Days, the reissue. Sounds great too! Great suggestion by u. Thanks!
@knollbrent ,

I posted that particular lp/pressing (it is the only pressing I own) because of it's content. It also has very good sonics. I happened to find a sealed copy at slightly under $15.00 shipped which helped. I'm sure @whart  opinion that the original Columbia may be better. My experience tells me probably not by too much.

"Bring The Family" MFSL is an excellent record! You will not be disappointed. I've owned mine for years which precluded it from consideration based upon your post.
If you're speaking of the QRP 45, the Strange Days sounds great to my ears. I haven't heard the Rhino 33 rpm. I reach for my early Gold label more often then the 45, but that's also because I prefer not dealing with 45's sometimes. Let me think of a few more....

Nick Drake: Five Leaves Left: 1st US Antilles from 76'.... Have not heard the new remaster, because it's not all analog, and I avoided it. 

Jennifer Warnes: The Well...Cisco label- 33 wonderful 45 even better

ZZ Top: Tres Hombres: Mine is early press, but I heard the new reissue is also very well done. 

Neil Young: Comes a Time... Early US Reprise

Last but not least... If you don't have Allman Brothers: Live @ Fillmore, you really should. There is The Classic, or STERLING stamped US. I enjoy both, but prefer the latter, Not audiophile good, but easily good enough to enjoy this timeless classic. 

David Lindley’s (Jackson Browne’s original guitarist, a pal of Ry Cooder’s) first couple of albums contain great music in good sound. I don’t know if they have received an audiophile reissue, but the original Asylum’s are fine. Wait until you hear his "Mercury Blues" !
Hey Knollbrent, So I got "The Wonderful Sound of Female Vocals" per your recommendation and you weren't exaggerating. It is freaking spectacular IMHO. So thanks again. It will end up costing me a pretty penny because now I'm gonna have to pick up a number of albums that these selections represent. Which is a good thing! (I hope) BTW Amazon took 2 days to get it here free shipping and it was packaged better than expected with the regular cardboard LP pack they use inside of another box. This is a very welcome thread you started, so thank you!
@leotis  So glad you like it! It's in my regular rotation due to the large number of singers on the album. I love it!!!!  Btw, if you haven't checked out Acoustic Sounds or Elusive disc, that's where I get most of my new material. Free shipping with $80 or more ( I think) and it's packed and shipped quick. Return it if it's noisy or defective and they'll pay for return postage too!

Beatles Sgt Pepper’s Lonley Hearts Club Band re-issue on Parlophone Records label. 
I ave to jump right in without reading beyond the second post, so forgive me if I post any dupes.

@slaw , I am so happy to see another Nicole Atkins fan. Neptune City is indeed a favorite, as is the Bleeding Diamonds EP that preceded it. I highly recommend her Goodnight Rhonda Lee on Single Lock. If you like Nicole, you should check out Eileen Rose.

Gene Clark - No Other, 4 Men With Beards

Cowboy Junkies - All That Reckoning, Latent

Roseanne Cash - Black Cadillac, Capitol

Just got the new Telarc Digital re-release of 1812....  Only listened to one side so far; but it is beautiful and not just for the cannons.

Easy to find and not expensive.
T. Rex - Electric Warrior Rhino (2017 Roctober release) Kevin Gray remaster.
Van Morrison - Astral Weeks, Moondance, His Band & Street Choir 2008 remasters by Kevin Gray (w/ Steve Hoffman on Moondance).

Maybe a bit more expensive:
Derek & the Dominos - Layla and Assorted Love Song MFSL - not mixed well, but this remaster actually sounds very good. Great remaster.
Procol Harem - A Salty Dog MFSL
Nat "King" Cole - The Nat "King" Cole Story
Legrand Jazz - Michael Legand featuring Miles Davis IMPEX
Excellent @ everyone! These are wonderful suggestions. I just purchased a vintage cart, arm and platter from a buddy but will make some of these new purchases soon. 

Keep em comin!