Best way to connect my Gustard R26?

I want to add the Gustard R26 to my system which consists of: Dynaudio 34s, REL T/7x, Hegel 190, Node 2i, and an NAD C546BEE. I'm new to digital and computer audio as well as streaming. Recently, I started using Tunein and Radio Paradise on the Bluesound app and I also began ripping approx. 500 cds to FLAC files on a Synology NAS. I expect most of my listening will be streaming through the Node 2i and the FLAC files from the NAS if I ever finish ripping the cds. I did some reading on how to connect a DAC like the R26 and discovered that it's kind of complicated and confusing. How do I connect the R26 so it becomes the main DAC? How do I bypass the Node and Hegel DACs?  I would appreciate any advice.

Thanks Bill



i use roon so i just run lan cable into gustard, then take left & right xlr’s out from it into analog balanced inputs of the h190

but if you must use the node 2i, then you use it as a streamer (in order to use blu os as the interface software, which presumably you are used to, and have favorites saved on etc etc) to feed the gustard via the rca digital out, into the rca spdif digital in on the r26, then as above, take the left and right analog outs from the r26 into the balanced inputs of the hegel


The Node has digital out, and the Hegel digital in.

Also, I suggest you get a Leo Bodnar clock for the R26.

Have a few UK/EU friends who say it's fantastic.

+1 jjss49

I have a h190 being fed (balanced) by a Gustard R26 (with Roon) and can attest that the streamer in the R26 is quite good for the price.

I highly recommend a simple fiber setup with good optical modules (Finisar FTLX1475D3BCL) before the R26. I’m using an OpticalRendu now but the improvement with a simple netgear switch with fiber out > Sonore OpticalModule Deluxe was possibly the greatest bang for the buck improvement I’ve made to my system.


Curious if anyone is using the JPLAY app with their Gustard R26 and it’s LAN connection?

I love the apps UI, but have been having weird issues with it cutting out or just stopping with my Ifi Zen streamer.

im considering either an Innuos Pulse mini with the built-in Sense app or … I’d love to try the Guatard R26 if I knew the JPLAY app was stable with it



Here’s another option — use the LAN input into the Gustard if you can because it’s the easiest solution. But with a DAC of this quality you have some significant upgrade paths in the future. First, you can get a better streamer like the Innuos Pulse Mini streamer that also comes with their excellent Sense app. Then, if you wanna get really nutty you can add a DDC (like the Denafrips Iris or Musician Pisces) that you can use to run an i2S connection into the Gustard through an HDMI cable that’ll take it to a much higher level. If it’s me, I’d start with a DDC and feed that from your Node cause the DDC will both reclock the data and give you the i2S connection in one shot and then upgrade the streamer later when you can. Just to give you some ideas for the future. Best of luck!