Best/Worst sound at CES and T.H.E. Show?

I was just wondering about the best and worst sounds at both shows, and what you guys had to say about it. My votes are as follows.

Best sound at CES: Musical Surroundings room (Clearaudio, Aesthetix, Avalon, Ayre)

Best sound for the money at CES: Kirksaeter

Worst Sound at CES: Zu Cables room

Best sound at the Show: the first day it was Kharma, but the last day it was the Convergent Audio room. They made a cable change, and it made all the difference.

Worst sound at the Show: Whatever room I heard that had those dang Avantgarde's in them. Good god...those things sound like a megaphone on steriods. The parents voices from "Charlie Brown" come to mind.

Overall winner: Kirksaeter. I could listen to those speakers all day. And talk about price justification! Their $1300 speakers sound exactly $600 better than their $700 speakers, and that's how it SHOULD BE!!! Geez, if these guys are doing it this right, everybody else is doing it DEAD WRONG! Cheers!

I was particularly impressed with the sound in the showroom at the Imperial Palace.
The worst sound at T.H.E. Show was in the second floor mens room just after lunch. Luckily I escaped before I saw who was in the stall.
Sorry Albert, it was me. But I wasn't even told that the water hadn't been turned on yet! I don't even the custodians... :)

Worst sound was Legacy Audio!!!! Couldn't they tell that their Subs were set about 40dB too high?!?!?!

Best Sound was ATC! For 5 ACTIVE 10 powered speakers and Sub for ~$11,000. Just add a DVD/SACD and Balanced Pre/Processor and you're DONE! Mind blowing that they've never made it big in the US yet. Heck, Stereophile Guide to Home Theater picked ATC's System 70 as the system of the year for 1999, too bad it retailed for $93,000!