Best and Worst Websites in Audio'dom

It occurred to me today, as I was perusing various audio-related websites that some of them are REALLY bad.

We all know that AudiogoN is the BEST website (at least in my book), but who's got the WORST website?

Let's hear your nominations for the Best and Worst and what you think makes it so good/bad.

BEST - AudiogoN - Easy to navigate, very intuitive, LOVE the forums. And finally...THE CLASSIFIEDS!!

WORST - Audiopoints/StarSound/HarmonicPrecision/Sonoran/Sistrum/MicoBearing - What a freakin' mess. I hold no negative opinion regarding their products. I've used AudioPoints and Sonoran Cables and thought both were good. But the website! Eeesh! The pictures of the products are not flattering (look at those Caravelles!) and the layout is just atrocious. The info about the Harmonic Precision Amplifier says that "the fun begins once more in 2003". Huh? '03 has come and gone! I could go on, but you get the idea.

So let's hear your nominations.
Best: PS Audio, Legacy, Analysis Plus, Ayre.

Worst: Audio Research (what happened to their old product listings? and NO email contact!?), Conrad Johnson (always under construction and never finished), Muse (always under construction and never finished).
As far as best I like Audioannex's layout, especially their threads' second dimension, over the close second, Audiogonville.

The sites I don't care for are the ones who instead of containing useable information, read like an audio romance novel. Actually I find those a little disturbing.

1 - Audio Asylum (Great forums & I've never been censored)
2 - Audiogon (good forums and great place to buy/sell)
3 - 10 Audio (I like Jerry's reviewing style)
4 - Audioreview (nice place to research equipment)

Basis Audio - I love their tables, (I have had two), but their site is the buggyest (sic) site I have ever been to.

My opinions of course!

PS Have you seen the Basis Work of Art yet?! Wow!
Of the websites I've visited the following stand out:

BEST: Bryston, Sim Audio (lots of useful information, white papers)

WORST: Classe (limited information, a few pretty pictures)
I don't bother with the bad ones, but one of the best is:
Best -- Audiogon.

Worst -- most high end cable sites, especially the ones that go on and on with the promises without telling you anything about such basics as the gauge of the wire, capacitance, etc. etc. Or, if they *do* offer that information, you really have to dig for it.
Audiogon is my favortite site period and the only site, other than weather, that I visit regularly.

I agree about the cable sites. I was going to comment about Synergistic Research's naked chick but, they have a baby picture up now. I guess that makes sense though. It's still a difficult site to navigate.
Worst- With out a doubt Sonus Faber, I can not make head or tail of any products on that site.
One of my least favorites if Musical Fidelity....they dont' cover a lot of their products. Conrad Johnson I will second.




I visit a couple other great specialty sites (geared towards single driver and/or high efficiency speakers), but figure the above 3 to be real crowd pleasers.
Worst: Synergistic Research - looks like it was designed by a 13 year old. Bad: Audio Note - incomplete and difficult to navigate Good: Audience - simple and complete with prices!
I'll go with Audiogon as best, however is a very close second. and get high marks. and are the worst.
Audiogon & audioasylum have got to be tops! Rives sight is really cool & helpful, too.

Absolutesound's sight is the worst in my eyes. Compared to all the other e-zine sights, there is nothing but a flashing "pay me for useful anything" sign.

mihorn's sight is one of the funniest to me, but I'm just a cynic.


I have a LOT of trouble navigating 6Moons. But I think the content is very worthwhile.
synergistic research, I second it for worst of the web. If you want some fun, use the cable selector program. Waaay too much thought went into that.
Kevin Deal's site- upscale audio. Good sense of humor, and great tube site. Also has a used equipment section.
Eldragon, what can I say...posted on a "strong brew morning". Have you checked out the mi-horns? I'm not the only one.

Spencer, just admit that the image of the Furby with the big pasted on ears is what set you off. No harm in thinking that's funny.

Here's some more images of the critter:
Audio Magic has an awful website. They need to wake up and realize that it's 2004, not 1996!
Regarding forums
Audio Asylum

Unless you worship NAD then you'll love it
A legendary mystical audio guru told me that if you align 3 Furbys on top of your speakers in an equilateral triangle...
But semi-seriously, not much funnier than taking nice Lowther horns or high $ Avalons, and plopping $0.75 worth of bright red plastic trim on them.

Cheers, Spencer
I suggest you to try them. I will and I meant Furbies. Btw, please e-mail me the address of your "mystical audio guru" i have to ask him about details. And besides that he seem to me to be more interesting. It is nor surprising that you missed that.