Better Speaker Cables for Apogee Ribbons

Dear Friends
Please,can someone help me to choose between:Cardas,Nordost and Analysis Plus cables,to my Apogee Ribbon Speakers?
My current Power Amp is the Pass X-150.
We used to have a pair of Apogees. It took a lot to kick them out. We replaced them with a pair of Innersound ISIS. We still mourn them, though - wonderful speakers. When we sold them, we were using Cardas cables. We have since sold them and are using Kimber BiFocal XL's on a pair of EROS (the ISIS got kicked to the HT) and love them.
Famaraca, try emailing Nelson and see what he has to say. He is very familiar with the reactance involved with E-stat's as he used to run them himself. In the meantime, You can find some interesting yet technical reading on his site ( ) in the "articles" section under "cables". Hope this helps.... Sean
You didn't specify what Apogee speaker you have. The Divas work best with the Nordost SPM. Duettas may need the extra high end sparkle that the much lower priced Nordost Blue Heaven cables provide.

I suggest you check out the Apogee Acoustics User Group at

You will a find a lot experienced Apogee owners who are very willing to help. Check the topic out before you ask the question as it has been discussed several times on the forum.

Good luck,
Thanks for all opinions.My current Apogee is Caliper Signature,and I am looking for the Nordost Red Dawn.

Sorry to break the Cardas, Nordost, Analysis Plus mold, but I got the best results on my Duetta Sigs with Harmonic Technology Pro 9 bi-wires. They don't seem to have any real character of their own but provide a vice like grip on the bass. You may want to try them. Break in is about 80 hours.
I have a friend who owns a pair of Apogee Studio Grands who swears that my Silver Audio Hyaline speaker cable are the best that he's heard with Apogees.

Why not try posting on the Apogee User's Group ( where he lurks.
Our Apogees were cabled with Swiss SYMO developed especially for Jason Bloom, the driving force and designer behind these legendary speakers. Jason personally recommended SYMO for his speakers. Of course, most of the wire under discussion here wasn't available at that time, except for Cardas, which Bloom occasionally paired with Krell for demos. The vast majority of shows, however, had Apogees cabled with SYMO, driven by Classe' gear, another Bloom favorite.

Ironically, while those Apogees we loved to hate are long gone, we're driving our Avalons with that same SYMO cable, having auditioned other wire, but so far, unimpressed enough to make a change. Newer doesn't necessarily mean better.