Beware Bluenose Records Downloads

I was recently ripped off by Bluenote Records downloads. I went on their site and saw the option to download the new album by Joe Chambers. They offered a 44/24 download for $9.99. There was a drop down menu and on it was the option to download a 96/24 WAV for $17.98. I chose that option. Paid for it and was sent a link to the download. When I downloaded it, I was surprised to see that it was the 44/24 not the 96/24. I checked to make sure I wasn’t missing something and I was not. I wrote to Bluenote customer service and after a few days I heard back and they said that it was only available as a 44/24 download. And...??? Nothing about my overpaying for something that did not exist. Wrote back asking for either the correct file or refund of the overcharge. Told to pound salt!! No refunds ever. I was dumb enough to trust them, so more fool me.

I filed a dispute with the cc company and they claim they will get the difference refunded and I will follow with a complaint to the BBB. But, if you are inclined to order download from Bluenote website...Caveat Emptor!



Same thing happened to me with Freedom internet provider. I’ve ordered T1 performance, but received 56kDSL performance, because in my area T1 isn’t available, but got charged for T1.

It seems to me it’s common pattern of the today’s customer service ESPECIALLY from organizations managed by socialists and liberals. Similar to former Soviet Union where you can pay for 5-star hotel and get only barely half of star quality.

Ah, the joys of streaming! I stick to physical media! Just bought the Sheffield Labs Harry James CD from an eBay seller in CA - $5.50 + $4.50 shipping.



Phuck a bunch of digital downloads. I stopped all digital downloads after reading about the shenanigans going on with these outfits.  Even HDtracks.  IMO they are all ripoffs.  I am sticking with buying CDs and used LPs. 

NAS audio is fantastic for convenience.

 Having a library at your fingertips is great. SQ is about neck-and-neck with my beloved LP's BUT...

Acquiring new music through a download and having your type of experience is yet another turnoff for me to join the "darkside."

 Retirement is around the corner for me, it's one of the things I can see myself getting into-building the catalog of ripped LP's,CD's and maybe even downloads.

Hopefully, by then the digital wild west will be more settled down with reliable HONORABLE vendors?

Hard pass.

Relying on anything computer based actually goes against why I retreat to my stereo-to GET AWAY from computers!