Bi-amp Integration


I currently have an Aragon 4004 MkII and I am just getting set up with a pair of Alon V Mk II speakers. The 4004 is a "good" amp, and dual mono, but not as refined as their 8008BB, which I originally wanted to upgrade to. However, I understand Aragon's 8002 amp, at I think 100wpc, sounds better than either of the two bigger amps. Therefore, I was thinking the way to go might be to use the 4004 on the bottom and get an 8002 for the mids and highs. My preamp is an Adcom GFP750, which has dual outputs to make biamping easier.

My question is, how do I adjust the sound level between the 8002 and 4004 amps so they integrate properly with each other in a bi-amped configuration, or is using two such different powered amps just a bad idea?

Another option would be to get another 4004 MkII and run them horizontally bi-amped to take advantage of short speaker wire runs.

Thanks, Tim
What Drrdiamond said!

If you are happy with Aragon, and they do make a great product, check with them on input sensitivity. My levinson amps, both old and new, have the same sensitivity, so biamping is easy!

It should work fine, I have two sets of Paradigm Studio 100's V2 (yes two sets in front)!, I have two McIntosh MC162's that are bridged (about 300 watts per channel) that power the bottoms, while I have two Antique AQ1008 105 watt tube monoblocks that power the mid's & tweeters. It sounds fantastic, so you see, you can have quite a varied setup. The input levels are matched even for this diverse setup.
Tim - I bi-amped my Proac 2.5s with a 25wt OTL on the woofers and a 3.5wt 2A3 SET on the tweeters. I have no idea why it worked but the sound was great. Remember, those woofers require a lot more current and drive than the tweeters. Alas, I finally got tired of the complication of this system and have sold both sets of amps for a single stereo tube amp (Audio Electronic Supply DJH Edition Super-Amp Signature). Watch out for all those damn cables!
Thanks everyone for your responses. I will check with Mondial about the input sensitivity of the two amps, they are always helpful. -Tim