Bi-amping Polk 50 monitors with Onkyo receiver

I'm thinking of bi-amping my Polk Monitor 50 speakers using my single Onkyo TX-NR 626 receiver, which enables this option, using the surround speaker outputs to connect to the high frequency section of my speakers. Thus leaving the FRONT outputs to do the lower frequencies. 

Amp needs to be set in settings to bi-amp vs. Front only. 

What do you guys think? Is it worth the hassle/experiment , and would there be any perceived difference in soundstsge, separation using this combination? 

Thanks as ever! 


It’s hard to say, because every situation is unique, so what worked well in one setup is likely to work out differently in another. Most AVRs aren’t ideal for bi-amping, but you never know til you try. All you need is another set of wires, and it’s easily reversible. Low risk, low cost.

Trying stuff is good IMO! It’s hands on and is a great way to learn. 😎

(Do you know if anyone has tried a crossover parts upgrade to those Polks? Improved clarity can certainly help improve the soundstage.)



That Receiver is trying to be all things to all people.

It does not tell you the power of any speaker channel except 95 wpc when 2 channels are driven.

IF you bi-amp, it doesn't tell you how much power hither and thither.

Meanwhile, the speakers are set up for Bi-Wire (they don't mention bi-amp), thus you do not know what different use of the internal crossover is happening.

my guess: 89 sensitivity; bi-amp: two 5-1/2" drivers, with tons of power, are not going to sound different.


I would not bother, and if it does an automatic software update or you do a reset, you have to figure it out again, too memory stressful for me.

It's free so why not experiment.  I will be surprised it it is an improvment.

You will need a way to adjust the relative volume.  Pretty sure the reciever will provide that.


Definitely not an expensive or time consuming trial. 

Worst case is no difference whatsoever. Best outcome - marginal to better performance upgrade.