Biamping opinions please.

I'm considering adding a second amp and an electronic crossover along with a change of main speakers as the next series of changes to my system. I've listened to the all Linn systems at the local dealer and like the sound of the Aktiv solutions. Are there other manufacturers who offer speakers that are configurable for use with electronic crossovers? If I consider, for example, the Linn Tukans would I achieve satisfactory results by duplicating my present (B&K) amp and using a quality electronic crossover (marchand, for example)? I've only begun to think about this and obviously don't have much knowledge about it so I really appreciate your help. Thanks.
Anyway you do it right it is still going to be expensive, so why not do it with an all Linn system including CD source (Ikemi) and turntable if you listen to vinyl? I have listened to this system one time (with Tukans) and the sound that it produced was mind boggling. Way more than I would spend for a system but well worth it IMO. It must have to do with synergy and the "whole" of the system and it produces a wall of sound that it very involving.
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Many manufacturers enable their speakers for biamping. The low freq driver connections and mid/upper connections are typically strapped externally. Speaker manufacturers specify the crossover points and slopes of their passive crossovers. You can duplicate these in an active crossover of your choice. The amps don't have to be the same if you use one amp for bottoms and other amp for the tops. Some like solid state for the bottom and tubes for the tops, for example. You seem to understand the use of the electronic crossover (not splitter plugs). If you like your other current components, select the biampable speakers you like by auditioning, use them as full range, then move to biamp if you want. Why change everything at once?