black cat 110 digit aes/ebu vs snake river boomslang aes/ebu vs kimber orchid aes/ebu

anybody compare these cables, I am using now the acoustic zen mc2 aes/ebu and would like to have more bottom end. my midrange and top end is great, and I am  happy with the sound stage but would like more bottom end. I have been using this cable az mc2 for at least a dozen years and I think I need a change. my transport is the new project rs2 and the dac is a bryston bda-2 any opinions would help thanks kully


Why are you focusing on the digital cable for this?  What about interconnects, speaker cables, etc.?

my interconnects are the acoustic zen absolute copper xlrs and my speaker cables are the acoustic zen satori shotgun cables. but I was hoping that the acoustic zen mc2 digital cable might be the weak link in the chain and would like to maybe try something different before I start replacing all the cables in my system. I thought maybe I would start at the beginning first and work my way down.

I also run AZ interconnects and cables, and I just don’t think they’re the source of your issue.  What amp, pre, speakers, power cords, etc. are you using?

I can't say as I haven't heard it but the Audio Envy Digital Coax has an accompanying review that states it bested the Black Cat Veloce, DH LabsBL-1 and a Grover Huffman. And it goes for $149.00.

Food for thought.

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thanks for the reply Nonoise I will do a search. Soix my amp is the Bryston 14b cubed, preamp is a Bryston bp17 cubed, Project rs2 transport, dac Bryston bda2, speakers are the Kindel pls-a. these are from the 80s with new seas drivers. I rebuilt xovers with Jupiter copper foil, Mundorf silver gold oil, Duelund bypass capacitors etc. power cords I use DH labs red wave cable for the amp and power conditioner. the Furutech fpso22n power cords for all other equipment. I am also using 2 HSU research vtf-2 mk4 subs . the sub cables also came from Acoustic Zen. I have other equipment but not related to this problem. Soix so am I thinking wrong with the digital cable?or maybe the dac ? I guess I am looking for a little more meat on the bottom.

Soix so am I thinking wrong with the digital cable?or maybe the dac ? I guess I am looking for a little more meat on the bottom.

Having owned Bryston components, my observation is they skew toward the tight, fast bass more than fuller and more robust bass, so I don’t think all those Bryston components are helping you there.  That said, I’ve no idea about your speakers so there’s that.  I guess if I was you I’d look at adding a tubed preamp that may be the most effective way for you to put more meat/flesh on the bones you’re looking for.  I’d recommend looking at Don Sachs preamp and consult with him on what tubes would work best for what you’re looking for and is very reasonably priced for what you’re getting.  I really think a tube pre is your ticket to happiness.  Hope this helps, and best of luck. 

I just looked at the 6sn7 preamp,  looks nice I will have to give him a call. thanks for the help!!! 

Kully560, I think Teajay uses the Black Cat as his reference and recommends it.   He steered me that direction when I was looking for a cable for my RS2 transport.  I ended up with a cheaper Wireworld cable that I’m happy with — 1.5m Wireworld Micro Platinum Eclipse AES Digital.  Cheers. 

There are two things you really need to look at:

1. solid-core conductor

2. awg size of conductor

In my experience, the larger awg solid-core conductors just perform better (up to a point).  The problem is that most cable manufacturers do not tell you how they make their cable.  I have heard good things about Black Cat, but I have never tried them.  I make all my own digital cables at this point.

The one cable I can recommend in the Nordost Heimdall 2.  At $1149 retail for 2 meter (find a good dealer).  It's a large 20awg silver-plated solid-core copper with its dual mono-filament insulation (presents more air around the actual wire, which is less restrictive).  This cable has very full and powerful bass with an excellent depth in the sound.  However, it's not the best for ultra high frequency resolution and air.  It depends on what you are looking for.

There are tons of digital cables made only to 24awg or 21awg conductors.  Even 21awg is somewhat lacking in bass (but better than the 24awg or smaller conductors).