Black Gospel With Good Sound

Anybody have suggestions of Black gospel choir/groups which are recorded well? Vinyl or CD.
The ARC Choir from Mapleshade Records.
I know you asked for well recorded, but James Cleveland's "Hallelujah: A Collection of His Finest Recordings" is too good to ignore. The sound may not be crystal clear, but the message of the Holy Spirit easily shines through to enormous satisfaction. A treasure of gooosebump gospel music.
There are of course many more, I could think of, but to name just three I am currently revisiting. Donnie McClurkin "Live from London". Rodnie Bryant and the Christian Mass Choir, "He's a Keepa". And Bishop Ronald E Brown, "Live Having a Good Old Fashioned Church". All great to listen too. Nothing like Gospel music to lift the heart. Glen...Amen
I'll second Narrod, all of my Fairfield 4 cds are damn near SOTA recordings. The performances are generallly spectacular as well.

OK I just ordered The Fairfield Four, The Blind Boys of Alabama, The ARC Choir. Looking forward to hearing those CDs. Thanks to you all for the recommendations! I'll let you know how I like them in a few weeks.
Don't be fooled by the opening track on The Fairfield Four's "Standing In The Safety Zone". It is intentionally
low fidelity and scratchy like an old 78. The rest of the disc is incredible.
The Fairfield Four CD is wonderful! Deep feeling and rhythm and each voice is distinct--I especially like the bass singer's parts. ARC Choir is great as well--like a gospel choir is singing in my living room! I also picked up The Angels CD from Mapleshade and heartily recommend it for its full live sound. I was disappointed in the Blind Boys of Alabama CD I got. It's called "Spirit of The Century" and is an attempt to blend blues and gospel that does not succeed to my ears. Any recommendations of other Blind Boys cds that are more traditional would be appreciated. Ironically, I got a Mavis Staples CD which is a melding of the modern and traditional called "We'll Never Turn Back" which I really like. It's produced by Ry Cooder, whose musical choices I've always respected. He gets it right on this one--highly recommended. Thanks guys.
I knew you would like the Fairfield Four. The Mavis Staples CD is indeed very fine. If you want to a hear great acapella recording check out The Flirtations Caught Live on the Road. Not a gospel recording but a real in the room presentation. Sadly, most of the members have died. One of my favorite recordings, along with The Fairfield Four and Dave Alvin's King of California that I keep going back to for music and sound.

I thought I had mentioned this recording before, but it seems it doesn't appear in the forums:

Handel's Messiah - A Soulful Celebration

If you like pop/gospel/soul and audio, run right out and add this to your collection.

Tracks 3 and 8 (with Stevie Wonder) are old favorites for me - wonderful interpretations and also great demo tracks with a clear and spacious recording.
some of my favorites and well recorded also:

Chanticleer - where the sun will never go down & How sweet the sound.
Original cast recording - The Gospel at Colonus
Fred McDowell - Amazing Grace with Como,MS choir
Amazing Grace - Robery Shaw festival Singers on TELARC
FairField Four - standing in the safety zone
The Gaithers - Atlanta Homecoming & Kennedy Center Homecoming & Freedom Band

For more urban taste:
Soundtrack - say amen somebody
Aretha Franklin - one Lord one faith one baptism
& Amazing Grace

Try the NASHBORO label for the old black southern group stuff. Sound quality will vary.

Beware of these MASS CHOIRS, They are to Gospel, what smooth Jazz, is to real Jazz.
Sacred Strings.

This church incorporates the steel guitar into their worship service, and they've morphed into some of the greatest steel guitar players anywhere.

They have a CD titled Sacred Steel-Live ( that is just great. I play it in the car on the way to church on Sunday. Check out "Don't Let the Devil Drive".
More steel guitar:

Aubrey Ghent & friends 'Can't nobody do me like Jesus'

Great steel guitar work on the title track.