Acappella/Vocal Jazz/Gospel recommendations?

Anyone out there listen to vocal/harmony music. Any recommendations on well recorded quality music?
Take 6 is well known for their a capella, gospel harmony. You may also want to listen to some of Bobby Mcferrin's work, specifically Spontaneous Inventions, Medicine Man, and Paper Music.

I would also recommend the recent release from Ben Harper with the Blind Boys of Alabama. It's not a capella, but, man, if you want to hear some soul stirring rhythm and harmonies, check it out.
Ditto on the Ben Harper CD - highly recommended. Also check out the Persuasions CDs. Live in the Whispering Gallery and the latest SACD in which they do covers of Beatles' songs are probably the best recorded, but I am a big fan of all of their music.

There is also a CD from a PBS show that Spike Lee produced called Doin' it A Capella or something to that effect. Persuasions, Mint Juleps, Take 6, Rockapella, and Ladysmith Black Mambazo are featured.
Tks Jerome, I've got a few Bobby McFerrin discs, he's excellent. I like Take6 but the problem I've found is their recordings are really horribly compressed, to me they almost don't even sound like human beings! And yup, I agree with the Ben Harper recommendation, got that as well, great stuff but again I think the actual recording is sub-standard.

I guess I was hoping for something a bit outside the mainstream, but thanks again for your response.
Alison Krauss + Union Station - Down to the River to Pray on their Live CD.

Trio by Linda Ronstadt, Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris
This is more folk-blugrass but it's GREAT. Sugar Hill's "Sacred Voices, an acappella gospel collection" I've really enjoyed this over the years and it's ALL accapella.
If you can find it, get the Fairfield Four "Standing in the Safety Zone" CD. Best acapella vocals I've heard on digital.
In the bluegrass/traditional genre, try Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver. I know that they have at least one CD that is all accapella. Also, the Nashville Bluegrass Band and The Isaacs and good choices.
Ditto for the Fairfield Four. Also, anything by Sweet Honey in the Rock. Especially their Carnegie Hall album.