Blu-Ray, SACD & NetFlix player?

Is there anything out there which will play
Blu-Ray, SACD, CD, DVD and offers streaming like NetFlix?

Thank you!
Most of the high end Sony blu ray units do. However, sony units will not show NetFlix closed captioning titles.
All of the above handled with clarity and ease with the OPPO-NuForce BDP-93 Xtreme Edition.CD sound is excellent and the Netflix streaming is an easy setup with the Netflix icon on the "home" feature.I have been impressed with the picture and,stereo sound on the streaming.Of course,sometimes the traffic is high and the loading can be a wait,but that is too much traffic on the website,not the machine.Retail is 1,399.00 for this souped up version.I got it with free shipping and no tax from Audio Adviser.The first unit they shipped was defective and the return was quick and the replacement,much to my pleasure,worked spot on from day one.
You stick the dongle in the rear and you are connected to the web via a wireless connection.I have even downloaded the firmware upgrades with no problem.This is a very smart little player and the audio sound is about as good as you are going to get at this price.
or... you can buy the Oppo BDP-95 directly from Oppo for $999.
Another Oppo recommendation from me. They offer great customer support, timely firmware updates (essential for blu-ray media), good video and audio quality. I have been using the previous model 83 for over a year and have been very satisfied.